Warrior Scribes and the Mission for Truth about the Land

After my friend Praying Medic had asked me to pray today. I went to lay down with my daughter and I asked the Lord about what can be done to help with this issue with China that our Secretary of State has to deal with. I had a vision where God said go to the East Gate.


He showed me how this gate will be affected by several different aspects…

The Kingdom of Heaven, Kingdoms of this world, Time, People, and things in the Natural. In the vision, I went to the east gate…However, it reminded me more of someone entering the steps into a public pool. I was specifically holding onto the bars stepping down carefully. When I went down into the steps I saw a scroll that The Lord had set before me. Although it was a scroll I also understood it was the timeline of this structure. It started from it’s planning until current and the scroll was rolled up that I was standing at current times looking into the past. As I walked with Jesus and a few angels I saw what looked like a shipyard. It was filled with shipping containers that were built up like lego blocks and was being built up like land but between some of the shipping containers were things that looked like pink slips. Each pink slip represented something that was wrong, broken, or would cause issues in the future. As I went and continued to walk back in time I saw the structure deconstruct till it was nothing but sand. When I looked at the sand I saw instabilities and I also saw that there was something with a fault line that would not allow it to remain. I then asked my heavenly Father what I was to do with this information and He directed me that this would be an opportunity for the Tribe of Warrior Scribes to come on Journey with me to see and record what they see on these pink slips. For each contained keys for Victory for Rex Tillerson to see to bring resolution with China. It was something that would allow them to come to the table without accusations but rather with an opportunity to bring resolution and safety.


From what was revealed in this vision, I knew what needed to be done. In the council rooms of Heaven, the Tribe of Warrior Scribes Gathers before the Father. He gave us each a scroll and said, “My Scribes I have called you here for this important task. There are many who will wonder and many who will be astonished when the truth is revealed. Are you willing to come forward to let the truth be revealed? I have given each of you a scroll. Now join together on Journey for I have given you this place to go. As you go to this place there will be much to see but I will reveal the hidden things that are key. Do not allow fear or doubt to gives its rule. For you are my Sons and Daughters and you have authority to see beyond their rules. Come a little closer to each slip you find for as you pull it out. The truth you will find. Your task is important and it is key. For each slip will bring great victory. Be sure to record your journey for as you record it you will find. The truth will be made public and no longer be hidden inside.”
Again I saw each of us had our lamps and with it, His glory was shining strongly for this task. As we all departed He gathered us around and kissed us on the head. For the journey was very serious and it had great effects on what would come to be, however, His love for us and our love for Him is what gave us peace. As we climbed aboard I could totally see the love He imparted to each of us was like an ocean of peace. As we traveled to this man-made land we could see from inside, that the ground was covered with Darkness and although they could see us the darkness didn’t hide. Upon our approach, heavenly armies went before us and cleared the way for us to land. As we approached the structure, we could not be seen by common man. As I walked upon the ground and walked around I suddenly saw a slip of paper and it was attached to the ground.

faultlineAs I pulled my lamp out I could see more clearly a deep darkness that was like a crack in the ground although this place was built on sand. The crack was the fault like I had seen before. Yet with my lamp shining, I could see there was much much more. I took a closer look and suddenly I was able to find that this fault line also represented a separation in time. For there was a place where things began to change and what was meant for good became corrupted for political gain. I could see that the foundation on which this place was built would crumble because of foundations that were never built. They were covered to seem like they were there but when you look closely all you could see was air. With this information, I began to write into the scroll that had been given to me and knew that this information was important for victory. With the others, we not only left this land with information but we also left imparting peace. Our desires are not for destruction but rather for the truth to come and bring restoration between the nations. We wrestle not against flesh and blood but against principalities and things of Darkness. This is truly is where this battle lies. I am declaring God’s truth and peace to reign on both sides.

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  1. Felt this same calling … am responding in the manner He is in me… speaking the Words I hear my Father speaking… doing the Works I see my Father doing. For the Kingdom.


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