The Ship, the Beast, and a Child’s Life

This is a journey from today that came after having a hard night feeling completely frustrated about a project I was working on. The beginning is a reminder of who we are and the second part is a powerful journey in the spirit to rescue and heal children that were captured. I share these journeys not to wow you but rather to invite you to ask God what part you can take on what I am sharing. Often times God reveals something for not just me but an invitation for others to pray and believe. For what I see in the spirit I share in words because our words have the ability to create and frame things up for others to see what I see from their own perspective. So my encouragement is this. Ask the Lord your part and invite Him to use you. God loves you so much and as a child of God, you can do great and mighty things both in the heaven’s and on earth.

Journal of the Journey: December 5, 2016

Taking your hand Jesus, I step into your presence this morning. How I have longed for you, Jesus. These last couple of days have felt like a rush of hard work and not feeling very good about the results. I want to believe I am doing well at this but feel like it is better to release it. Forgive me if I am giving up. I was so excited to make this a success but I feel like it was a flop. I am partial to blame but I also know it wasn’t entirely my fault. I am going to finish it and put it on the shelf until it is the right time.

Jesus pulls me close to him and places His hand under my chin and looked with great love in His eyes.

He responded, “You don’t realize what is in you. Give it time and it will come out. Susan, don’t be ashamed but realize this.What you did was so hard and if it would have come out of this it would be fine but when it comes out of your brain it is a struggle. Don’t be ashamed but keep going. Let’s see what happens.”

I place it in your hands and I trust you with it, my Love!

Jesus then said, “Come I need to show you something.”

As we walked, I realized we were in the courts of heaven and went into the throne room. As we stepped inside we were at the place of the thrones and there nearby was Papa. As I came towards Him, His throne was burning so brightly like on fire but it was the glory of God. Although I saw Papa I also saw Him like an eagle. He eyes were full of wisdom and discernment. I felt so overwhelmed by the glory coming from His being but also felt His desire for me to come a little closer. As I did He stretched His arms towards me and pulled me into His embrace. In this moment I actually felt what Papa was saying…

“Don’t forget why you have come to this place. Intimacy, love, and hunger for me. It is what you long for and it is key. It is also where you will find the fullness of the message that this world needs. Sit with me my beautiful one and see what comes forth.”

I then settled into His embrace completely enjoying this place of intimacy. As I remained there He kissed my forehead and said, “I have something for you to share. Let me read you a journey you have never heard before. Are you ready to listen carefully and record what I have to share?”

I replied, “Yes Papa, I am listening and writing as I stay in your arms. This is a very comfortable place to stay”

He began reading, “Once there was a place beyond the wonder of the creation of the earth. It was a place of majestic trees and large seas the moved beyond anything you have ever seen. There were places that were great with motion and there were places as silent as night. When you sat in the middle there was a great harmony for in this place of wonder is where I created you to be. For the deep inside, this hidden realm was a portion for my bride. It is a place where you can wonder and a place where you can hide. Inside this, large and vast realm are different places to go. However there is one thing that holds true in every direction, it is a place you call home.

In this place is the Woods where your home is often what you see, but then there is an ocean that has yet to be seen. To the right is a place of silence that looks like a starry night but deep in the vastness there are many worlds to find. I see you grow with awe and wonder and my heart is ready to explode with the joy of knowing how much you have grown. Oh, my Daughter don’t you hide the wonder of what you have seen. For many need to hear these stories so that they themselves can see.

Come with me for there is more adventure, more than you can know. Let us go down to the place the place that is very low. For many fear the great unknown in the earth below, but I saw this is the place where your prayers can grow. For deep in the soil I am planting you so that as you pray, your words take root and make the earth a place for Glory and Grace. I see a vast mountain at the center of this place that is the mountain where you can go to find Connection from Earth to this Heavenly Place. As you step into me this mountain is the connection to the garden where we can plant and give your heart attention. For as you set your eyes on me this land will grow. For there is a great many places that have yet to be explored. However do not be afraid of the places that are gone that were there before. Sometimes in the exploration, I will remove your access to one place. It isn’t because of failure, it is because I wanted to make space. For greater things are coming. Greater than you can know. Just keep your eyes on my gaze for I will lead you in the places where you will grow.”
AS I LOOKED UPON THE LANDS, SEAS, AND SILENCE that was set before me, inside of Papa’s words, I could see something deep that I couldn’t quite put to words. For there at the seaside, there was a ship that I thought was different than any I have seen before, but yet I remembered dreams from the past and remembered, “I have seen this one before!” Quickly, I run down to board and see the Captain and Crew. For it was Jesus and many of his disciples were there too. James, John, Peter, and even Andrew too, were preparing the ship for departure as Jesus stood by waiting too. Then I turned and I looked to see there were more to this crew for on board was a team I have worked with many times before they were sitting there waiting just curious what we were to do. As I climbed aboard Jesus welcomed me and gave me a hand as he said, “Are you ready for this adventure? It will take us a distance beyond this shore.”

We agreed and took a seat to see what was going to happen next. As we looked towards the sea we could observe there was a great big catch. For deep in the sea, there was a place and we could see it grow. It was dark and it was not from God, but it looked very much alive as it could grow.The air was cold and the wind did blow and with it, an angel came. He brought a scroll to each of us and said this is the way we will take this place. Suddenly we knew the need for us to get ready. For a big fight was coming and we were ready to go straight into it with all His might.

As I opened up my scroll, a vision came of what was inside. This place was the belly of the beast and many Children were inside. Kids from many cultures and lands, young girls, and boys and even some mothers. Their hearts were broken and in some cases, they looked like their hearts could beat no longer. For this place was cold and dark and filled with perversion and hate inside. As I saw this place, Jesus reminded me of the light I held deep inside. I knew the goal was to break open this beast and rescue those inside. I looked to my friends and I saw the courage of the bride.

For Jesus was preparing us for battle and I saw the beauty of His bride. Yes, even the guys already in their armor, they had chivalrous look that I knew Jesus held so dear for it was His Courage that dwelt inside. Jesus pulled us all together and held us close He whispered deep love and filled us with His glory that we all actually glowed and had this supernatural authority.


We prepared as the Ship came up to the place where the beast slept. We knew we were going to go straight into the center. We called forth groups of angels to go straight ahead of us to help prepare for entry. As we came closer, we felt the winds increase and the wind was warm as we knew this was the winds of change, the very breath of the Father would blow us straight into this beast. As I looked, I realized the front of a ship was like a great sword that would be used to pierce this beast. Quicker and quicker we move and we all braced ourselves as we knew the ship would hit with a great shake. As we grew closer the intensity of our courage grew as we knew this was something that must take place. With the final few hundred feet, we began to yell with an intensity that it caused the beast to arise exposing even more for us to see. As we came with full speed, He was destroyed with just one roar. From deep inside this sword pierced hyde of this deadly beast, legions of demons came with vengeance to destroy us with their blows. Our hearts were ready and we had great love and justice was in our eyes. We moved forward without any fear and each demon exploded because God’s glory was in every move we made with great stride.

Upon the thinning of the legions, we exposed the darkness inside to God’s light. With Lambs in hand and with God’s plan we stepped deep inside. In His belly the children laid. They were bound, broken, and cold. Many seemed dead, but we knew that we held the keys of healing and resurrection for the dead. Going to each child we lifted them up and found their pain was so deep. With great tears and calming their fears, we lifted them out and into His great light. Our hearts were so sad to see their pain but yet we knew this was the beginning of a new journey for each child. We knew the struggle would be hard, but with His love they would overcome and their spirits could be renewed. Some of the children needed great care for their hearts were torn with fear, but with great love and Jesus helping each one we knew they would one day be restored and full of life.


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