The Winter Library-Book of Kings and Queens

This is another journey with God. Some my wonder if what I am sharing is a story or real. That is for you to decide but for me it is a place where the curtain of day to day life is pulled aside to reveal the Glory of God in a place where I am by His side. For in God’s words it says we are seated in Heavenly places with Jesus. So you decide for you self and if you want come along for the journey!


Jesus encourages me to come in with open arms. As we walk down the hall towards the great doors to the library. Inside Papa is waiting in His favorite chair near the fire. I am so warmed by the site of this winter library. Again the large window is in front of me with it’s beautiful scene of snow covered mountains and trees and countryside. I can see my kids loving the hillside and the snow but my heart is just looking forward to what we are here to do. My attention turns to Papa in His great big chair so warm and welcoming. I come up to Him as He is deeply focused on the book He is reading. I quickly kiss His cheek and ask Him what he is reading as He places His warm large hands on my face as I snuggle next to His face. “Reading something fun,” He says.

As I stand up, I begin looking around the room just wanting to take in every intricacy of this favorite place. As I look down, I realize I am wearing a necklace that I never noticed before but on it was the keys that God had given me before. As I looked around the room I felt Jesus come up to me and wrap His arms around me as I continued to look at the names in the books. So many to choose from. Jesus asked me quietly in my ear, “What do you want to read?”

Something that will heal those that are hurting and drive away fear. I am so tired of fighting fear. I just want to freely be with you without needing to perform to someone’s standards. Just to sit and listen is what will bring peace.

Jesus responded, “Just come and be with me. This is where wholeness begins and freedom wins. I will make it clear. Just sit and rest with me here.”

As I sit at your side for a bit I see you are holding a book that has words that I cannot read. I close my eyes and snuggle into His side. I feel the warmth of His arms and the peace of sitting in this library.

Then Jesus said, “This is the stories of the kings and queens. It is a story that many cannot see. For it is written in a way that only royalty can see. I want to read this to you because I believe, your identity lies here and you need to be able to see. As you hear this book you will see it contains the secrets that bring understanding and knowledge about how to rule with me. Many things are written, listen carefully for what is written is important. In the book is the keys to the Father’s heart. It will bring you the freedom to rule and not be burdened by a heavy heart. The things that you will see in this book are not just stories, they are deep mysteries that will uncover the truth in everything you see.”

With a voice deep, smooth, and gentle he began to read this to me:

“Once there was a king name Benjamin. He was ruling a place that many could not see. For his kingdom was small and was considered worthless by many. Yet in the eyes of God, this kingdom was rich for it contained something that was more precious than any other kingdom. For His kingdom was built around women and children. The children played freely and were hidden from every bit of darkness. For King Benjamin loved these ones and knew their needs. He met them with joy and never felt ashamed of what he could see. For these children were more precious than jewels and there treasure was beyond what this world could measure. For in each child was contained an inheritance of heaven. Their eyes were filled with wonder and curiosity and deep inside they dreamed dreams that could create things beyond what we could describe.

Than there were the women that were beautiful and lovely. These women were cast aside by the current society. They were considered outcast by the world but were considered royal by the King. Each one was precious and even when they first came to this kingdom carrying rejection and disgrace, they were treated with gentleness and great grace. For this rejection and disgrace was not who they were but rather filthy rags that were replaced by robes of righteousness and love.

What is to be learned by this King and his amazing kingdom of grace. It is the value of someone who most would consider nothing he considered great. Not only did it create change but it created a safe place where God’s kingdom reigned. For you see a kingdom is not built from wealth or riches but rather by the value it places on those it contains. For in this value is the ability to change a nation from shame to abundant grace.

As Jesus closed this book I looked at Him and realized the lesson from this king. For even in the simplest of situations, I have the ability to create a kingdom where value is placed on those it contains.

Jesus, help me to create an atmosphere where the people I am working with feels loved and valued. That I would and they would begin to see how precious they are before you my king.

This story goes on but I will save the second part for another post. However, something miraculous happened the day I wrote this journey with God in my quiet time. Later that morning I was contacted by a childhood friend I had not seen in a long time. He shared with me that God was calling him to work with the Youth of our local city. Not only that but this guy has a large family and many of his Children are adopted. It so beautiful how God allows us to hear something exactly at the right time.

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  1. Wow, love it!!! God’s heart is so beautiful! Don’t know if you read my post about Humanity of Kings and Queens… was just so great for me to hear the same terminology! Awesome journey you have!


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