Underground Whitehouse Redemption

My backyard is my favorite place to spend time with the Lord. The sunset is like a glorious symphony most nights at my house, and this one is exceptionally beautiful. Feeling the cool grass and earth between my toes and the sweet smell of honeysuckle in the air I breathed deep and prayed in the spirit as I had been experiencing headaches again and knew something was stirring in the spirit that needed intercession.

As I prayed and breathed deeply, I began seeing glimpses of angelic activity in the sky. Suddenly, I saw a large angel come face to face with me. I exchanged revelation and intercession with him. As he released the names of people who had been experiencing similar pain, I began decreeing healing over them and continued just praying in tongues. Next thing I know, he handed me a scroll, and I immediately was in the strategy room of heaven with the Lord.

Papa unraveled the scroll that was a map. In the map were ancient paths and tunnels below the Whitehouse. He revealed that the paths carried the sins and curses of our nation’s forefathers.  I immediately found myself standing where the map revealed in these tunnels surrounded by what looked like dry decaying bones. Many of them were twisted and dark, and the atmosphere was heavy with the darkness that these bones represented. These bones represented the words and choices of our President and leaders from our nation’s past. The room was heavy with witchcraft, freemasonry, and other curses that had been spoken and sins that had been committed by these leaders.   The Lord directed for me to speak to the bones and redeem them. I began to repent on behalf of our nation and asked for the blood of Jesus to cleanse our past sins and curses. I then begin to speak life to these bones. The dark heaviness lifted and the bones came to life. I saw men and women from our past rise out of the darkness like they had been captured and were finally able to be released from the bondage of their choices. They then turned to light in the form of words. They were words that had been buried and hidden by the sins and curses of our nation’s past.

As these words came forth, strategies were released to our President as well as protection from their prayers and blessings that had been hidden in these words for such a long time. Their curses were no longer under the Whitehouse, and I even saw dark portals closed down that were releasing darkness and opening gateways of witchcraft for darkness to listen in and twisting the truth of our President and leaders. As these portals were closed, I saw angels that were assigned to these past Presidents awaken and begin to bring forth decrees, and suddenly the atmosphere around President Trump changed to a deep sense of strength, protection, and peace.

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  1. Many years ago, I saw this place, but I didn’t know what to do with it at the time. Thank you so much for this article, and for the confirmation that I actually saw something! : )

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