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The Earth is the Lord’s – Redeeming the Land Encounter

Today was a morning that I got to go into something amazing in the Spirit with Papa. This encounter may shatter some religious boxes, but I encourage you to read it and ask the Lord what you can do to participate in this. As I went to spend time with the Lord today this is what happened.

Redeeming the Land Encounter: March 10, 2017

“Come my love and sit with me. I am longing for you too. Come and let’s talk about today. This is going to be a week of lots of big important moments. Hold tight to my hand and trust my leading. What do you see as you close your eyes and rest? I look and I see a field in heaven with my horse Freedom running around with such joy. Looking into the eyes of Freedom. As I looked I saw expectancy and a desire for me to come for a ride.

Pictures-of-Horses-Running-in-Field-2Jesus and I climbed on Freedom and were off running through a field in heaven. My heart was racing at the pace we were at. My body felt like it was flowing in the air as I was part of Freedom’s pace. We were moving together so quickly I didn’t know where we were going and never realized until I looked around that we were no longer in the field but we were in space. As we traveled through space I saw things I never saw before. I saw really large creatures that were like something from the sea but they were traveling/flying in space. I would have normally been afraid, but I had such peace that these magnificent beasts were a creation from the Father. As I listened, I could hear their call and it reminded me of a whale but different and just as beautiful. As they moved through the sky I saw that they were clearing areas of what looked like debris. Suddenly I looked and I saw that Journey was waiting up ahead. (Journey is a heavenly ship that the Father created a while ago, in order to accomplish mandates and bringing healing, provision, and restoration.)

blue-marble-take-22As we approached, Jesus said, “We have something to do today in the spirit. I will need to show you something first.” As he said this, instead of going into the ship we landed on top. As we did, I could see we were very close to earth’s orbit. Jesus pointed to the atmosphere of Earth. I could see the debris that was floating around our planet. It was both in the natural but also In the spirit. There were great large pieces of space junk floating as well as what looked like clouds of darkness, ashes, and other dust. I also could see things that looked like great wounds on the atmosphere of our planet as well as the surface below. This was all in the spirit but yet I knew it was in the natural too. as I watched, I saw these large beings with dark wings taking large loads of what was this dark ash and throwing it into these already well-formed clouds. As the ash was spread, I could see below the ground responding in pain. Even the air below was heavy with sickness from what was happening in the spiritual atmosphere above. For as I looked I saw the darkness. I asked Jesus what it was.
He responded, “This is the curses and witchcraft that had been spoken over the land. It is every dark word and every word that has brought death or harm to this planet and its inhabitances. Your words have power and when death comes it is toxic and it remains until it is recognized and removed. The curses are even from Sons and Daughters of God. Now you see them. What will you do?”

My heart was so full of sorrow for every curse and word that had brought death. In this moment, I repented on behalf myself and my people and the words that had been spoken that had been part of this toxic mess.

“What can we do?” I asked. As I said this an Angel named Redemption came with a scroll from the Father. I took the scroll and went inside of Journey. As I stepped inside I felt the warmth of this heavenly spaceship. Although it was large and powerful it was also very welcoming and warm. As I opened the scroll I heard the Father say,

“Go to the place where the earth is in your hand
and speak to the ground and give your command.
For both death and life
are in the power of your tongue.
So remove the death and release life
For my glory can be released at your hand.”

As I looked at what Papa said, this I saw a picture of exactly how this would happen. Stepping to the controls of Journey, I place my hands on the controls and adjusted the ship into a place where this exactly could happen. For I saw that the Father needed me in a place that I could literally place the earth in my hands visually. I came back on top of Journey and began speaking the following over the earth:

Psalms 24
The earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof, the world and those who dwell therein, for he has founded it upon the seas and established it upon the rivers. Who shall ascend the hill of the Lord? And who shall stand in his holy place? He who has clean hands and a pure heart, who does not lift up his soul to what is false and does not swear deceitfully. He will receive blessing from the Lord and righteousness from the God of his salvation. Such is the generation of those who seek him, who seek the face of the God of Jacob. Selah
Lift up your heads, O gates! And be lifted up, O ancient doors, that the King of glory may come in. Who is this King of glory? The Lord, strong and mighty, the Lord, mighty in battle! Lift up your heads, O gates! And lift them up, O ancient doors, that the King of glory may come in. Who is this King of glory? The Lord of hosts, he is the King of glory! Selah

As I said this, I was holding the earth in my hands but as I looked I realized Papa’s hands were holding mine. His Arms were around me, as I turned around I looked and saw the Father standing there with a big grin. We hugged and He said, “I have given my children the ability to create and restore with me. Let us do this together and see what happens.”

With our hands back under the earth, I then began speaking into the situation, “Darkness, Curses, and Witchcraft go right now!” We then began brushing the debris off the earth. As we did the toxic darkness was separated from the earth. The next thing I saw was this same creature that I saw before coming and actually began eating the debris. It was completely gone. As the true nature of these areas were expose you could see the wounds in the spirit that were over these areas. The area where I saw the toxic atmosphere was, particularly over North America. I then spoke life and health back into the area.

“North America, I speak life and blessings over you and your inhabitance. You are a blessing and not a curse. Come Alive! Hope Arise! Be made whole once again!”

golden bowls

I saw many angels go and begin to minister to the land. It was like they were pouring out bowls of liquid gold healing oil. As it covered the earth and it’s inhabitants. I saw places where the dry land become refreshed and new life began to grow. I saw cities that had been cursed for so long and were filled with empty buildings and starving people become filled with new businesses and safe communities filled with new life. People began to restore and revive the cities. I also saw people coming to old church buildings that were once desolate and began to sing new songs and speak words that healed people and restored rather than cursing and separating. These churches were no longer buildings but communities that began to change. The buildings were torn down and replaced by community centers that were full of the glory of God. They didn’t look like a religious church system or government, but rather a Gathering Place and the families came together and brought healing to the communities around them. The walls of division were torn down and the doors were opened once again.

Families that were once considered unacceptable or broken were called whole and the children which were once considered the most broken were taught to lead and to dream once again. I saw Children taking over old broken down lots and turning them into gardens and places where fun was made in creating new things. The children began to create new ways of bringing new life and creativity to what seemed like child’s play. Families began working to help those in need around them.children's gardens

I began seeing groups of people from across the country coming together to bring networks that connection into creating change across their nation. Another thing I saw was a transfer of information to the children of our nation with ideas that would transform the land. They were given ideas and dream of new technology and inventions that would cause great innovation. That in their creativity with the land they would develop ways to restore the land and purify what has been toxic in the land.

As God’s Children began walking in each of these things, the vision accelerated quickly in the timeline…Moving faster and faster I began to see what was like a golden thread that was woven over our nation from city to city, person to person. An angel would move it from one place to another. With each piece, it was like a woven gold mantel was covering our nation.

golden threads

As I saw these things, I realized I was seeing into the destiny of our nation and what was to come. As I moved my hands away from the earth I saw the gold on my own hands. Turning to Papa, I hugged Him tightly and thanked Him for being a part of seeing redemption come to our nation and world. As I did He placed His hands on my face and kissed my forehead. I was overwhelmed by His goodness and His glory.

“Papa, would you take this same encounter, and reveal it to others for their nation and for their land. That we may bring life and restoration.”

He responded, “The meek shall inherit the earth.”

Mothers of a Nation!

Women of God! This is your destiny!
“The Lord gives the command [to take Canaan]; The women who proclaim the good news are a great host (army); “The kings of the [enemies’] armies flee, they flee, And the beautiful woman who remains at home divides the spoil [left behind].” When you lie down [to rest] among the sheepfolds, You [Israel] are like the wings of a dove [of victory] overlaid with silver, Its feathers glistening with gold [trophies taken from the enemy].”

‭‭PSALM‬ ‭68:11-13‬ ‭AMP‬‬

What God is speaking to me is that our words have power to proclaim the Good News of God that causes the enemy to run! After reading this God gave me a vision of us being like a Dove covering her nest of chicks Her wings spread over the nest in protection and her soft coos bringing peace to her offspring. So are you over this nation! Your words can bring peace to a nation! Speak the Good News of God and His plans for His Children! You can change a nation with your words and love!

Creation is Groaning

I had an encounter and dream overnight that had to do with this title. I was walking in the woods with Jesus and we were heading down a path towards what I thought was a sunset, but as I looked closer I realized it was a liquid fire that was exploding in the sky and I realized it was coming from the earth. When I ask for understanding I heard “All Creation is Groaning in eager expectation for the Children of God to be revealed.”
After this encounter, I dreamt all night that the earth was exploding with fire. This fire was hot and caused panic around me, yet I felt this peace that as a child of God, I would not be burned. Many were panicking and running and even pressing in around me and my family, yet I was not afraid and even at one point had to pass through the fire, but as my hand touched the fire it actually backed off and calmed down. I believe this is a symbolic picture of the authority we have to change the situations around us.
NOTE: this is not a fire and brimstone end of the world dream! This is a “You have the authority as a child of God to create change!” type of dream! 
sunlight-867222_1920Do you realize that all creation is longing for us to come and break the curse that is set on it? As God’s children, we have been given authority to create change not just in our families but in ALL CREATION. Come on! Ask God how you can bring redemption, healing, and breakthrough. It is crying out for you to rise up. When we create change, it not only influences things in the natural but also in the spirit. We can redeem the land from the sin and curses that have been placed on it and any curses that have been attached to it. We have the ability to restore peace to the land which not only affects it but also those that live in that land. You can also change the atmosphere and bring peace to those who walk on it. So my challenge is will you rise up and ask God what you can do?

Romans 8:18-25
I consider that our present sufferings are not worth comparing with the glory that will be revealed in us. For the creation waits in eager expectation for the children of God to be revealed. For the creation was subjected to frustration, not by its own choice, but by the will of the one who subjected it, in hope that the creation itself will be liberated from its bondage to decay and brought into the freedom and glory of the children of God.
We know that the whole creation has been groaning as in the pains of childbirth right up to the present time. Not only so, but we ourselves, who have the firstfruits of the Spirit, groan inwardly as we wait eagerly for our adoption to sonship, the redemption of our bodies. For in this hope we were saved. But hope that is seen is no hope at all. Who hopes for what they already have? But if we hope for what we do not yet have, we wait for it patiently.


Hope is waiting for America

May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in faith so that you overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit. Romans 15:13

As I was praying today, I saw this beautiful child sitting there on the steps of our nation’s capital. Her name was HOPE. She shined brightly and her countenance was filled with joy and purpose. I asked her name and what she was doing. She replied, “My name is Hope and I am waiting for someone to see me and talk to me, so I am going to wait here.” She didn’t move and she wasn’t sad. She knew her purpose and she knew why she was there…Yet I could see that she was small in figure and stance. As people came in and out of the capital it was like people didn’t even see her and she was not hurt but yet the dust and dirt from the traffic of people who were walking by her was surrounding her but not touching her. I ask her why she was there? She indicated her purpose was to bring Hope to this nation and yet people were so focused on the problem. I then asked what could be done so that she would be able to do what she was assigned to do. She said, “ask God.” As I did, I heard clearly that we were to bring her into what was hopeless. That as they looked, they would begin to receive strategy and a view of God’s goodness coming out of the situations. I also saw the more we invited Hope, the more she no longer would be hidden or forgotten by the media or by the enemy.

As I stood there I began to dust off the area surrounding Hope and we walked into the capital. As we did she began touching the ground and I saw things change. What once was dark became bright. We then went into the rooms where media was sitting and I began speaking that all deception would be removed from the room and that Hope would come forth. Suddenly the darkness and deception in the room cleared and people began to see clearly and the truth was so bright that it could not be hidden. We then went to the Whitehouse and walked the halls. I saw darkness surrounding it as a shadow but as we stepped close I declared life and the darkness parted. Inside were steps that took us into the oval office. I saw President Trump sitting at his desk praying. As He prayed we could see the words of concern coming from His mouth like words flying in the air. I then asked Hope to minister to him. As she went to him and began ministering to His heart, I saw tears coming to his eyes. I realized that he was receiving strategy and the comfort of God. Placing my hand on his shoulder, I began interceding. During this time many faces were revealed of people our President was praying for. Some were friends and family, some were people in his cabinet and some were people who considered him an enemy. As each face came up, his prayers changed and his countenance changed from anguish and frustration to hope and purpose.


I share this because I believe we need to ask God how we can bring Hope into our nation through our words and our prayers. I hear God saying,

“Take courage my children. For you are the one who can bring Hope to this nation and it will be changed by the blood of the Lamb and the word of your testimony. Declare Hope for she is here and waiting to touch the hearts of this nation and it’s people.”

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Warrior Scribes and the Mission for Truth about the Land

After my friend Praying Medic had asked me to pray today. I went to lay down with my daughter and I asked the Lord about what can be done to help with this issue with China that our Secretary of State has to deal with. I had a vision where God said go to the East Gate.


He showed me how this gate will be affected by several different aspects…

The Kingdom of Heaven, Kingdoms of this world, Time, People, and things in the Natural. In the vision, I went to the east gate…However, it reminded me more of someone entering the steps into a public pool. I was specifically holding onto the bars stepping down carefully. When I went down into the steps I saw a scroll that The Lord had set before me. Although it was a scroll I also understood it was the timeline of this structure. It started from it’s planning until current and the scroll was rolled up that I was standing at current times looking into the past. As I walked with Jesus and a few angels I saw what looked like a shipyard. It was filled with shipping containers that were built up like lego blocks and was being built up like land but between some of the shipping containers were things that looked like pink slips. Each pink slip represented something that was wrong, broken, or would cause issues in the future. As I went and continued to walk back in time I saw the structure deconstruct till it was nothing but sand. When I looked at the sand I saw instabilities and I also saw that there was something with a fault line that would not allow it to remain. I then asked my heavenly Father what I was to do with this information and He directed me that this would be an opportunity for the Tribe of Warrior Scribes to come on Journey with me to see and record what they see on these pink slips. For each contained keys for Victory for Rex Tillerson to see to bring resolution with China. It was something that would allow them to come to the table without accusations but rather with an opportunity to bring resolution and safety.


From what was revealed in this vision, I knew what needed to be done. In the council rooms of Heaven, the Tribe of Warrior Scribes Gathers before the Father. He gave us each a scroll and said, “My Scribes I have called you here for this important task. There are many who will wonder and many who will be astonished when the truth is revealed. Are you willing to come forward to let the truth be revealed? I have given each of you a scroll. Now join together on Journey for I have given you this place to go. As you go to this place there will be much to see but I will reveal the hidden things that are key. Do not allow fear or doubt to gives its rule. For you are my Sons and Daughters and you have authority to see beyond their rules. Come a little closer to each slip you find for as you pull it out. The truth you will find. Your task is important and it is key. For each slip will bring great victory. Be sure to record your journey for as you record it you will find. The truth will be made public and no longer be hidden inside.”
Again I saw each of us had our lamps and with it, His glory was shining strongly for this task. As we all departed He gathered us around and kissed us on the head. For the journey was very serious and it had great effects on what would come to be, however, His love for us and our love for Him is what gave us peace. As we climbed aboard I could totally see the love He imparted to each of us was like an ocean of peace. As we traveled to this man-made land we could see from inside, that the ground was covered with Darkness and although they could see us the darkness didn’t hide. Upon our approach, heavenly armies went before us and cleared the way for us to land. As we approached the structure, we could not be seen by common man. As I walked upon the ground and walked around I suddenly saw a slip of paper and it was attached to the ground.

faultlineAs I pulled my lamp out I could see more clearly a deep darkness that was like a crack in the ground although this place was built on sand. The crack was the fault like I had seen before. Yet with my lamp shining, I could see there was much much more. I took a closer look and suddenly I was able to find that this fault line also represented a separation in time. For there was a place where things began to change and what was meant for good became corrupted for political gain. I could see that the foundation on which this place was built would crumble because of foundations that were never built. They were covered to seem like they were there but when you look closely all you could see was air. With this information, I began to write into the scroll that had been given to me and knew that this information was important for victory. With the others, we not only left this land with information but we also left imparting peace. Our desires are not for destruction but rather for the truth to come and bring restoration between the nations. We wrestle not against flesh and blood but against principalities and things of Darkness. This is truly is where this battle lies. I am declaring God’s truth and peace to reign on both sides.

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The Winter Library-Book of Kings and Queens

This is another journey with God. Some my wonder if what I am sharing is a story or real. That is for you to decide but for me it is a place where the curtain of day to day life is pulled aside to reveal the Glory of God in a place where I am by His side. For in God’s words it says we are seated in Heavenly places with Jesus. So you decide for you self and if you want come along for the journey!


Jesus encourages me to come in with open arms. As we walk down the hall towards the great doors to the library. Inside Papa is waiting in His favorite chair near the fire. I am so warmed by the site of this winter library. Again the large window is in front of me with it’s beautiful scene of snow covered mountains and trees and countryside. I can see my kids loving the hillside and the snow but my heart is just looking forward to what we are here to do. My attention turns to Papa in His great big chair so warm and welcoming. I come up to Him as He is deeply focused on the book He is reading. I quickly kiss His cheek and ask Him what he is reading as He places His warm large hands on my face as I snuggle next to His face. “Reading something fun,” He says.

As I stand up, I begin looking around the room just wanting to take in every intricacy of this favorite place. As I look down, I realize I am wearing a necklace that I never noticed before but on it was the keys that God had given me before. As I looked around the room I felt Jesus come up to me and wrap His arms around me as I continued to look at the names in the books. So many to choose from. Jesus asked me quietly in my ear, “What do you want to read?”

Something that will heal those that are hurting and drive away fear. I am so tired of fighting fear. I just want to freely be with you without needing to perform to someone’s standards. Just to sit and listen is what will bring peace.

Jesus responded, “Just come and be with me. This is where wholeness begins and freedom wins. I will make it clear. Just sit and rest with me here.”

As I sit at your side for a bit I see you are holding a book that has words that I cannot read. I close my eyes and snuggle into His side. I feel the warmth of His arms and the peace of sitting in this library.

Then Jesus said, “This is the stories of the kings and queens. It is a story that many cannot see. For it is written in a way that only royalty can see. I want to read this to you because I believe, your identity lies here and you need to be able to see. As you hear this book you will see it contains the secrets that bring understanding and knowledge about how to rule with me. Many things are written, listen carefully for what is written is important. In the book is the keys to the Father’s heart. It will bring you the freedom to rule and not be burdened by a heavy heart. The things that you will see in this book are not just stories, they are deep mysteries that will uncover the truth in everything you see.”

With a voice deep, smooth, and gentle he began to read this to me:

“Once there was a king name Benjamin. He was ruling a place that many could not see. For his kingdom was small and was considered worthless by many. Yet in the eyes of God, this kingdom was rich for it contained something that was more precious than any other kingdom. For His kingdom was built around women and children. The children played freely and were hidden from every bit of darkness. For King Benjamin loved these ones and knew their needs. He met them with joy and never felt ashamed of what he could see. For these children were more precious than jewels and there treasure was beyond what this world could measure. For in each child was contained an inheritance of heaven. Their eyes were filled with wonder and curiosity and deep inside they dreamed dreams that could create things beyond what we could describe.

Than there were the women that were beautiful and lovely. These women were cast aside by the current society. They were considered outcast by the world but were considered royal by the King. Each one was precious and even when they first came to this kingdom carrying rejection and disgrace, they were treated with gentleness and great grace. For this rejection and disgrace was not who they were but rather filthy rags that were replaced by robes of righteousness and love.

What is to be learned by this King and his amazing kingdom of grace. It is the value of someone who most would consider nothing he considered great. Not only did it create change but it created a safe place where God’s kingdom reigned. For you see a kingdom is not built from wealth or riches but rather by the value it places on those it contains. For in this value is the ability to change a nation from shame to abundant grace.

As Jesus closed this book I looked at Him and realized the lesson from this king. For even in the simplest of situations, I have the ability to create a kingdom where value is placed on those it contains.

Jesus, help me to create an atmosphere where the people I am working with feels loved and valued. That I would and they would begin to see how precious they are before you my king.

This story goes on but I will save the second part for another post. However, something miraculous happened the day I wrote this journey with God in my quiet time. Later that morning I was contacted by a childhood friend I had not seen in a long time. He shared with me that God was calling him to work with the Youth of our local city. Not only that but this guy has a large family and many of his Children are adopted. It so beautiful how God allows us to hear something exactly at the right time.

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America’s Invitation to the Cloud of Unknowing

 RECENTLY IN MY QUIET TIME with the Lord, I experienced this encounter/vision while writing. I believe although this was a very personal experience it is important and it has greater truth about what is happening in our nation as well. At the end of the vision, I will explain more.


Journey into the Cloud of Knowing-January 8, 2016

Jesus spoke to me,

“Let me lead you a new way and to a new place. Will you keep coming knowing it is different from before? Will you keep seeing for there is much more? I have something I want you to see that is deep inside me. Will you come with me?”  

AS I TAKE JESUS’ HAND, He leads me onto a boat. In the boat, we float down the river to a place at is unknown. The sun is shining before us as it lowers in the trees and with it shines His Glory that is great and full of life, joy, and peace. Sitting next to Jesus in this boat I feel such peace. I feel the safety of His embrace as His arm is around me and I lean into His side.

I ask, “Where are we going?”

He responds, “I am taking you into something that may seem like it is dark and hard to see, but are you willing to go there with me? I will alway lead you and keep you close. In the depth of this darkness is my goodness that you know. Darkness isn’t always evil you see. For it covers the fullness of our Father’s glory and brings nations to their knees. It can be called a Holy Terror or a place that causes people to tremble with fear but it contains His Goodness for those willing to move through it and draw near. Draw near with me my love and don’t be afraid of the fire. For in the midst of this you will be made new, whole, and full of my glory.

AS THE BOAT MOVES FORWARD there is a fog that seems to grow. With it comes a trembling that causes me to groan. I hold tightly onto Jesus knowing He holds me in the midst of my fear. For every bit of my unworthiness comes out in the heaviness I feel. I cry out to Jesus, “what can I do?” He holds me closely and assures me for every bit of His glory is so powerful and new. Slowly, we were surrounded by this heavy dark blanket it caused me to feel like I couldn’t move. I cling to Jesus not knowing how to take this.

As we came closer to the fire, God’s glory began to grow. I felt the shift in the atmosphere and could feel like it was about to grow. My heart was beating violently inside of my chest. Knowing that where we were going was powerful and deep inside. As the fire of God’s glory came I experienced waves of this great unknown. Things seemed unclear but yet the fire began to grow. First, it was the heat and then it was the flame. I quickly discovered this fire burned but it wasn’t like normal pain. I felt the shift and burning away of all these fears…Suddenly there was a boldness to see what was next and to draw near. The fire although still burning became very clear. I was able to see inside the fire, my Father in whom I loved but yet there was something special that I never had seen before. His eyes were full of fire and His heartbeat was so loud. I quickly discovered although I saw Him, we were dwelling in His heart.
The boat stopped before Him and there before me He stood with eyes full of fire…His hand was stretched out before me. I took it and stood before Him and knew that His Greatness was what caused me to feel overwhelmed.

“Come my daughter I want you to see you have been given a new place in my glory. It is a place to come and dwell and find the secrets to taking my glory to every earthly realm. Will you come and dine with me and see what I have to bring. This meal is not something that can be eaten without the sacrifice it will bring. Take some time and walk with me and you will see…When you are ready to drink this cup and eat this food that it is food that is reserved for the royal courts of the King.

Tonight as I listened to my friend Michael King on facebook call out for people to pray about this coming week with Donald Trump’s inauguration and what is happening with our nation. I suddenly realized this Journey is an invitation for His Son’s and Daughter’s to this place. I also believe this is a look at what is to come. There is going to be a lot of things happening over these next couple years in our nation and with it there is going to be a lot of shaking and relooking at even our own views. However, when we surrender to Him, I believe He is calling for a deeper standard of intimacy. Like Moses, a willingness to climb up the mountain of God and step into the cloud of unknowing.

One thing that stood out to me about Exodus 19. In verse 9, the Lord says to Moses, “I’m about to come to you in a thick cloud in order that the people will hear me talking with you so that they will always trust you.”

Have you ever listened at Night when it is dark and foggy or raining how a train whistle will carry a lot longer and yet sounds close by can be less as loud. This is something that often times happens in PA. In the same way…When this glory cloud came down over Moses…God’s voice was heard clearly by His people. In the same way, I believe God is going to separate the Truth from the Deception. His Truth will be made clear.  That He is going to change this nations’ mind and heart about things that no one but Him could change.. His voice of truth will ring clear and people will tremble but they will know that He is God and He is Good! When there is a fog on the horizon it isn’t a high shrill sound that gets through the fog for ships to communicate. It is the low sound of a fog horn. All the rest of the noises get slowed down and lost by the dense air. In the same way…Deception and lies will not stand in the midst of this cloud.

So this is the invitation. America, are you willing to let Him take you to the place where you will be shaken by His Glory. Are you willing to allow Him to remove the lies and make the truth loud and clear? This is your invitation to step into His Glory and to sit at the Royal table with the King.

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