Tribe of Warrior Scribes: Mission of Truth and Liberty

Sometimes when I spend time with the Lord. I ask Him what’s on His heart and what I can do to help. Many times He will reveal something special that I can participate in bring redemption to this earth. In the last year, He has connected me with so many amazing people who I call my tribe. Many of them I have seen not just on earth, but also in the spirit when I am spending time with God. Some of my favorite moments is when God will give us assignments together to do. This is one of those moments. I mention some first names in this journey but when I saw the group of us working together, I realized a number of people were too numerous to name them all. However, I want to encourage you that when you read this ask Papa what part you can participate in this Mission. The amazing thing about God is that He works outside of our time. So even something you are reading from the past. When it comes from the Lord you can revisit and participate in seeing God’s kingdom brought to earth.


Placing my hands in yours, Jesus. What do you want to do today? “What I see our Father doing.” is what you say.

So we both look to Papa. “Daddy. I am ready. What do you have for me?” As I say this, He reaches His hands out to me. Like a child, I run into his arms, and he lifts me up like I was a toddler flying me around. Sitting on his lap and leaning in, I can feel his heart beating again, I hear Him say, “There are sounds that are being released that need to be taken to those in need.”

Listening quietly, I realize this isn’t a normal song. It is a sound created by the rhythm and a movement of sound. The sound comes in and out quiet and loud high and low. The sound is changing things. There are no words to what I hear, but yet the movements grow. Then I hear the sound of many singing in tears. The sound is coming from the earth below, crying for freedom, crying for peace to replace so many fears. I heart the Papa’s heart responds to this sound. His heartbeat quicken to meet this sound. As I hear Papa’s sound there is something, I cannot describe but it is a deep emotion that is coming from my Father to meet the cry of those He loves on earth.

My heart suddenly changes to match the beat of His, and with it, I experience just a portion of the emotions that carry this sound. As I look into Papa’s eyes, I hear his gently whisper, “Bring freedom and justice to those that cry.” With this, he hands me a scroll that looks empty but yet when I hold it…There is something different about how it feels. For contained in the paper is a record of the people’s sound and with it is a response that is Papa’s sound. This sound isn’t just a song; it isn’t just rhythm. It is his heartbeat, and he desires to listen.

Placing this song, deep into my own heart, I know this song carries freedom for so many that hurt. With this, he hands me a very large key. This key contains not just a pattern but also a frequency.

Jesus takes my hand, and quickly we go. To the place where our friends are waiting for us to go. Their Journey is prepared to release the sound of heaven’s key from the scroll Papa has given me. I hear the voice of those who wait, to bring this victory. Inside are many people; Some of healing balm and supplies; friends with specific weapons that were created to remove the darkness from people’s lives. I see some are waiting with loads of provision. People have gathered with fruit from heaven. They carry fruit that some have turned to pies. Some carry words that will release those held captive by human pride. I also see some friends with great gifts they carry scrolls that contain dreams and words from heaven. I also see many holding legal documents from heaven. They carry justice for many nations. This justice isn’t from humans or their mistakes. This justice they carry removes the legal rights to remove the demonic from its place. Then I see what looks like many angels coming with large swords. They are going before us to prepare our way as we board.

Inside on Journey, we gather, and we talk. I sense there is much to share about what God has given us to release and help in our unique ways as we go along. I see that many of us carry each our scroll. Some are long, and some have room to grow. On each scroll is a beautiful crest. The crest contains precious jewels along with its unique quest. Immediately I see and recognize the crest of some of my friends. Knowing that what it contains. So applies to them. There are others that are like precious mysteries. I am excited to see how God will reveal their destinies. Deep inside no matter where they are at. They are moving forward and seeing God’s glory in where they are at. As we gather Jesus moves among us. His Love for us is so tangible that we can feel it overwhelming us. Journey, the ship, is filled with Laughter and for some, healing tears. Yet in the midst of this journey, we go because we have freedom to bring for many who are in need.

The first place we go is at North Korea’s door. It has been locked, and darkness is holding the door. Journey releases the sound of heaven’s frequency. Causing the demonic to shake and fall to its knees. At this moment, I give an angel name Justice the key. He unlocks the door so that we can set the captives free. I hear the sound of children singing behind this door. As we come inside, we can see them even more. Many children are singing, the song they sing is strong. It isn’t of fear, but rather a dream and desire for freedom. For oppression is something they have grown up with. Deep inside them, they know there is something better than this. Gently, my friends begin to release healing. We remove the chains of captivity and bring words and songs that give them freedom they have never known. Jesus goes one by one and touches every child. We remove the darkness and release provision and causes the dreams to come alive.


Then we go to Russia, and we see where darkness is stored. It isn’t in the people. It is something deep inside the earth. I see it’s hold on many in politics. It isn’t even anything the people can plainly see. From the surface, many look and just see policy. Deep down below the demonic holds the ground. We release the glory of God to expose the darkness in the ground. As it is seen, many of those in leadership come clean. The people begin to rise up and restore the voice of freedom to those they can trust. As this occurs we place letters in secret words. The words look like new ideas, yet, these are dreams that Father has planted here. Inside these words, I see a greater destiny. A destiny where the people rise up to see Christ as King.


Then we move over to our own Country. From many different places, a great anger has caused many to rise up against each other. The anger is like clouds of gloom. In each cloud, the enemy has created room. They are like a storm that moves very quickly. Not only does it bring disaster, but it can bring a city to its knees. I see the war from one person to another, through media, through words, through our responses to one another. Corruption is filling the airwaves and causing an infowar. Inside the information is twisted lies. Perception being broken and twisted by the darkness in the skies. Suddenly I hear the sound of many people crying. When will this stop? Can’t we see beyond this to those who are sick and dying?

I hear the cry again of God’s Bride, “Let your Kingdom Come, you will be done, bring this nation to see things through your eyes!” As this song came forth, we became aware of something God had given us. We responded to the people crying. He has given a new song to us. Sing it loud and sing it strong. Declare his Kingdom to this world.

As Ginny fed people her heavenly fruit pies; and Seneca came with frequencies and strategies to apply. Michael and Sunshine came with truth to uncover all over the land. Dave came with news and dreams that caused the world to see God’s wonder. Matt and Diane brought healing and a new understanding of deeper healing. Kelly, Wally, and Ansley were breaking down darkness with their swords. Many different artists brought truth in what they created for other’s to see. Songs and sounds came from many that carry the truth. Todd with His Drums and Elizabeth with her sounds. Lisa and Michael with their broadcasts that was sharing the truth. Deep inside there were many people who are carrying different keys. Dreams, visions, histories that carried the freedom this nation needs. As my friends and I began to move across this land. Suddenly the sound change and we declared freedom to the people of this land.

Seeing the people with fear in their eyes at the president’s door, The white house was covered with attacks from the darkness of these storms. I saw the clouds beginning to gather. I looked at my friends and said, this is another storm that we have the power to remove. Releasing the sound of Freedom, it couldn’t hold anymore. The cloud began to part, yet the darkness stood naked and exposed at the Whitehouse door. People all over the world could see the darkness for what it is. No longer was there confusion but rather a victory to win. Removing the darkness and protecting our leaders. Our president could release something that everyone could see as truth. No longer would division have its victory. Instead, the truth of God’s love would hold the key to bring justice and liberty.


Spirit-Led Inner Healing by Susan Storm

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  1. thanks Sue for such an uplifiting, encouraging, inspiring, positive, post! There’s so much abundant negativity, and darkness (I think of Isaiah 61 – darkness covers the earth), that posts like this are bright rays of Father’s light and Sonshine, to a truth starved world. I would appreciate your prayers as when I checked my comments today, I had several threats from self-proclaimed antifa “hackers” who called my blog racist, fascist, and a whole bunch of other lies. I replied to one saying that all they demonstrate by their threats is their complete robotic enslavement to the Orwellian mindset they’ve been brainwashed with on the left wherein they don’t have the capacity to engage in truthful, rational, dialogue so they try to shut down any they perceive as not towing the line they promote

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