Unknown Path

There are times in our journey’s with God that we cannot see what it over the next mountain. We can look and ask, but sometimes we don’t get the answer’s we want. These are moments where He is calling us to trust His leading. It can also be a time where our doubts and fears can become a tool the enemy uses to pull our attention off of God and onto our struggles. This can often lead to use becoming stuck in anxiety and doubt that not only holds us down but can sometimes lead to physical sickness and pain. These are not moments where we are beyond hope. These are moment’s where Jesus can come in unexpected ways to our rescue.

Sometimes, when I pray for my someone, the Lord will reveal what is happening to fragmented parts of them. Often this is done during the appointment, but sometimes God will show something He wants to do before the scheduled time. Although the person is not physically there with me. Sometimes God allows me to see something that needs to be restored and I participate in helping to bring freedom to the person. Sometimes I just get to for the most part observe something to help the person. The following story is an example of that. This is shared with permission, and the name has been changed.



I see John standing on a path that leads off the top of a large cliff. Around him is many things that are influencing his decision. Things like the air, the temperature, even the sound around Him caused confusion in him. I hear the voice of the Lord saying, “Take a leap and trust me.” John doesn’t understand how he could and quickly calls to question God’s word. Doubt comes quickly and drowns the truth that the Father has for him.

Doubt and fear are saying, “Stay. Don’t go. You don’t want to go there.”

I saw what seems like hands reaching out trying to hold John there. The leap before Him looks impossible, and there is no bridge or anything in sight to give him the direction of where to step. Deep inside he feels the need to go. I see that what is below, holding him back. Like weeds that hold him tight. It pulls at the hairs on his leg causing him to wince in pain at the annoying arms of darkness that continue to faithfully pull him to stay where he is. Words of judgment and accusation come, reminding him of broken promises that seem like impossible circumstances to push past to find freedom. Words come reminding him of His sins and his relationships causing Him to look away from what is in front of Him.

He looks at his own hands and legs, darkness and distortions begin to cover them like vines that cause him to wince in pain and pull him down. Slowly he can no long see what is ahead and only the terrible circumstances around. Sorrow and grief continue to press in and causes sickness to have it’s hold till he is completely crippled into a ball.

My own heart cries out for freedom for Him and declares God’s glory over the situation I am seeing.

jeremy-bishop-72584As I declare this, rolls of thundercloud come over John causing the ground to shake with the deafening sound. His heart cries for help, knowing that he cannot change his circumstances on his own. Slowly, he feels the slow drops of rain touching his head and mixing with his tears. Although the storm continues to roll, his attention is no longer held by the voices of fear and doubt but by the sound of the storm and the rain that is slowly washing away his tears. Slowly his heart quiets as he hears the sweet voice of the Father say:

“Son, you are not alone, and I am making all things new. Will you trust me? Will you let me wash away the pain both inside and on the outside? I have given you freedom, and it comes in these moments of just drawing your attention to me. Will you let me come and help you?”

Slow he opens his mouth in the middle of his cries and says, “Yes.”

As these words come to his mouth, a flood of God’s love rushes into the deepest part of his heart that is crying out. Every fragmented part of him, where there has been loneliness and injustice, God’s love comes and says, “You are not alone. I have given you the strength to move. Rise, my beloved.”

Slowly, John realizes the voice is not just on the inside but is coming from someone standing in front of Him. As he looks up, he sees Jesus standing in front of Him. Jesus countenance is like the storm it is glorious and power causing Him to tremble, but yet it is so full of Love. This love isn’t timid. It is passionate and breaks through every doubt or mindset.

As John continues to look, Jesus’ face comes into focus, and his eyes tell a thousand stories to John. The tears, continue to flow but they moved from sadness to the indescribable joy of this moment.

Jesus puts his hand out to Him and says once again, “Get up!” Reaching Out and taking Jesus’ hand, John finds strength coming to his arms and legs as he stands up and finds that what once held Him back has left him. Jesus pulls him into His arms moving him out of the spot he was stuck in.

Slowly all the words of doubt are replaced with courage and the thoughts of what God thinks of Him. With this, the darkness that once covered him no longer had any hold on him.

hugAs Jesus holds him, John is reminded of the cliff that was before Him, that is just on the other side of Jesus. His heart again wonders how? Knowing his very thoughts, Jesus responds…”I know you can’t see what is ahead, but will you trust me? I will never leave you or forsake you. Will you come with me?”

John responds, “Yes, I will trust you. I am ready.”

I see him take Jesus’ hand and they step into the unknown. The mysteries of God that are great and wonderful.

Isaiah 45:2-3 ESV
“I will go before you and level the exalted places, I will break in pieces the doors of bronze and cut through the bars of iron, I will give you the treasures of darkness and the hoards in secret places, that you may know that it is I, the Lord, the God of Israel, who call you by your name.


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Photo by Karol Goldstein on Unsplash
Photo by Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash

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  1. This is so beautiful Sue! I am much like John quite often, but am aware of my shortcomings although it seems I’m not beyond the point yet of allowing myself to be tripped up by the enemy’s snares, weeds, and accusations. So I continue to pray and ask Yeshua to come into me and reign in all of me and all of my affairs. I do thank Him for the strength he’s given me over the last 2+ weeks to go on after the passing of my wife, and look forward to him dealing with (healing, delivering) the fragments and parts of me not made completely whole in Him yet.

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