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Susan Storm
Susan Storm

Due to a three year long sabbatical, I have taken time to cut back and focus on my family and my own healing. However, it is my passion to be supportive to those who are doing the work of helping survivors and those with DID. I also provide coaching and consulting to those who want to or are actively helping people walk a journey of healing through sharing my own testimony as well as teaching.

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Providing sessions via Skype, Phone, as well as in person. I desire is to see people walking in wholeness and freedom. Emotional Healing is part of all our journey and finding freedom from trauma.

There is a requested donation of $50 per hour.


“I’ve regularly heard great reports from those whom I’ve sent Susan’s way for ministry. She is so good at tapping into what God is saying and doing in the moment, and following his lead as he heals the brokenhearted. She carries the practical understanding of someone who has walked out a lot of deep healing in her own life. Her kindness and care for people sets them at ease, and she produces real results in their hearts and lives as God speaks and moves through her.”
Matt Evans, Author of Broken to Whole

The Boy and His Sword-Testimony: This is a testimony of a session that was done for a family member who was unable to be on the phone call but requested prayer for freedom from a Heroine addiction. The young man ended up getting free from his addiction and even has begun having encounter’s with God since our session. The person requested to withhold their name for protection.

“My journey into inner healing. You have such a gentleness about you that makes the whole process easier. I was nervous at our first session but you have a wonderful gift to put someone at ease. I know I was afraid of reliving the traumas. In our first session, I was headed back into a very emotional state but you were able to guide me out. I didn’t know that was actually possible! I did not have to feel the pain of the trauma. This whole process is really amazing. Being able to see the root of a problem is a key to healing. Then having Jesus heal it is wonderful. I’m already seeing real changes in my life. I can’t wait for our next session! Thank you again for your help.” – Ansley J.

“The fact that I have fragmented parts of myself is a fairly recent concept for me.  Although not that surprising, I suppose, since I have been through a lot in my lifetime.  In order to heal from hard events in both childhood and adulthood, I have dabbled in a number of healing models over the years, and sort of partook of whatever was available to me at the time.  This. Was. Different.  Rather than a pat on the head, it seemed to make actual, concrete changes in me. It feels more like real progress.  Susan sees in the Spirit so clearly.  She will pray before your session and get direction from the Lord.  She will see just where He wants to go and what He wants to do during the session in real time, as well.  She just flows through it.  We are visiting places in my childhood untouched by previous models of healing prayer, that are being actually changed.  Damage undone.  Messes cleaned up.  Parts restored to me.  As a structure, I have integrity.  I am free of unhealthy ties.  I am seeing more light, more victory.  There is less oppression, less fear, not as bound up in some ways.  I feel like I have been waiting for this understanding to be revealed to the Body for a long time.  Thank you, Lord!” – Rebecca V.

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