Protecting our Eagle – Supernatural Presidential Protection

Alright friends, I am about to share something that is a long story and maybe hard for some to believe but I feel it is necessary to share the entire thing with all details as I believe it is relevant to something happening right now. You might ask why I release these encounters, The reason is that I feel that by releasing these in my blog it allows other’s to read it and come into agreement with what God is revealing. This is an encounter I had Friday, August 4, 2017. I didn’t feel it was time to release this encounter until today. I am learning, God works outside of our timeline. This journey was not only with me but with two of my friends whom I endearingly call Blade and Flame to protect their identity.


I was violently pulled into the heart of Jesus, but yet the rush was of love and power. I felt like I was being accelerated into another realm. Suddenly, I realized He was holding me as I was moving and we were moving together inside him toward a great and powerful light. As I looked, I realized it wasn’t just a light, but it was a tree that looked like it was formed out of exploding light. The tree was a moving and beating heart that was made of light. As we came close to it, I heard the sound of His heart beating. Closer still I saw Papa standing by the tree waiting for me. When we finally came to the tree, I was rather overwhelmed by the atmosphere. It was so strong and filled with a fragrance like no other. It was like juniper but also like Jasmine. Papa came up to me and pulled me into His arms as I laughed and snuggled into His arms and Fatherly kisses.

Jesus was on my other side, and we sat by the tree for a while just enjoying each others company and presence. I snuggled into their arms and enjoyed the quietness of being in Jesus’ heart. Inside me, a question started to burn. I partially didn’t want to ask it because I enjoyed just resting, but I was too curious not to ask.

Before I could even ask it, I knew the question and the answer. I have learned now that when I am in His Presence communication doesn’t always require words. Sometimes it is just a supernatural exchange that comes.

So this is what Papa and Jesus revealed to me:

This Tree is the Tree of Life. What I see is connected to the heart of God but also to all of Creation. I only have a little bit of understanding about the importance of this tree, but there is something I must see. This Tree is a part of Him, and my roots go down to everything that lives and breaths. Do not see the roots but see the fruits of what comes from me. Right now, there are those who wish to remove God from what they see. Their intentions are to destroy any connections with Him. Darkness and witchcraft have come into the land. They want to bring death to any roots that hold my plan. He was sending me with a sharp sword. This sword is justice, and you carry it to bring the fear of the Lord. This isn’t something that is going to bring destruction this is something that is going to set boundaries that the enemy cannot get past. He is not sending me alone. Serenity and many other angels are protecting Blade and me and Flame are watching my sides. I was going into this to bring protection and clear vision so the enemy can no longer hide.

As I look to Papa, He pulls me near. “I am proud of you and love you so much, my girl. Know that I am always near.” Big tears come to my eyes as I said, “Inside I have felt a deep need for this place right here by your side, Papa. I love you.” As I stood up, He took my hand, and as He did I realized that what I was wearing changed. I was covered in this beautiful intricate armor that was not like anything I have ever seen. It wasn’t like ancient armor as I could move freely but it was covered in such ornate designs that I cannot even describe. As He continued to hold my hand and my clothing changed, I felt His strength surging through me. Feeling stronger and braver than before.

Suddenly I know that an assignment is about to come. Jesus places my cloak around me and hands me my sword. He brought me a case that reveals something I have never seen before. In it was a book that had much detail to it. It was knowledge of something that I cannot reveal. I understood that below it was a large number of things. Alarms and Devices and Weapons and even something that looked like string. I was getting excited to see what was next but Papa pulled us closer and revealed something that was next. He placed in our hands a scroll, and each one contained specific assignments that had to do with our nation and its President.

Holding the scroll, I suddenly saw a place he was going and the enemies plan for Trump’s Fall. I saw our purpose and I saw the planned attack. I knew that we were coming and had His back. I saw specific buildings, and I saw specific walls. I even saw companies that were involved in this fall. I saw leaders funding what they thought was the attack. I knew that we could hinder the enemy’s attack. Chuck and Mack, my angels, carried the box and various things that were for our assignment. Journey (my ship) was packed, and we were ready.

Suddenly I saw several friends coming forward. They were carrying scrolls and decrees that were to be read to the enemy. I knew these were scrolls that were very important. I placed them in my bag and set off on Journey. Jesus came with us. As His desire was to cover me from every side. He also had things that were to be released to allow Trump to be safe and strengthened in this fight.

(Note: I will not be releasing the names of the places as I feel that it is not my job to slander but rather to expose and to see justice come in the spirit)


canstockphoto10707000The first place we went was to NY city. Arriving at the place where Media was released. We went to the top floor and I saw what was standing before us was a large demon. He was standing next to the top person in this company. As this man was working, I saw that he was not happy we were there. His look of pride and snarling could have caused great fear, but we knew an eviction was being served here.

“What is your name?” I commanded. Devour is what I heard.
I took out the scroll that said News Media. I opened it and read it and released the verdict that had been given. Your ability to harm our President with your plans or funds has been broken. All rights have been stripped away. I command all lines of credit and communication in this manner to be broken. At first, He began to make advances at me to intimidate me, yet Serenity, as well as several other angels, quickly pulled him back.

sword-790815_1920Serenity’s sword was actually on fire and as he got close to this Devour. As they did this, I removed from my bag some of the string that was in the box on Journey. Taking the string, I touched it to the flame of fire on Serenity’s sword. Although it was hot, this fire didn’t hurt me because it was the Glory of God and only destroyed darkness. Taking the string, I created a circle around Devour. You could see the anger on His face, and I looked at Him and said. Devour… You were created for greater things than this. Until you are ready to consider those things and return to your Creator…you are in timeout. (Yes that’s right folks, I put him in time out.)

I saw the look in some of the angel’s eyes like they wanted to make mince meat out of this dude, but I felt that he was not to be destroyed. As I moved through the room, I saw the man sitting at his desk working. He couldn’t see us, but I sensed he was being affected by the tension in the room. As I drew closer demons started jumping out of his ears, and a look of pain and anxiety filled His face. Knowing that I couldn’t touch him, I also knew that I could access the computer system in the spirit. Suddenly, I knew that something in the book and in that box was important for now. Blade knew it too and quickly came back with what looked like a code book. As I went to the place where His computer was at. Michael took the code book and placed it inside the computer. I felt like somehow it supernaturally merged with the technology inside the system. When it did, I knew we had done what were had come for. I believe we released information that would expose the enemies plans and also shut down the funds that were coming from and to them.

I then remember releasing the justice of God in my sword into the computer, and it was causing something to shift in what was being processed and what was happening in the room. As the Glory of God was released, I saw dark shadows running out of fear and peace coming into the office. The man himself was weeping. Looking up I saw angels ministering to Him.


Going back to the roof and climbing on Journey, I pulled out another scroll. This scroll moved journey into another location near the US Capitol. I saw people from many different backgrounds meeting in a room, and I saw lines of communication coming from different places. I felt this place was a strategy room that contained the plans of the enemy. I saw the lines of communication coming through emails and what looked like phone calls but what was being spoken didn’t make sense. The words were coded, and the emails were unclear. Deception was crawling like insects in the atmosphere.

Each one carried a virus of perversion that caused the people to grow with anger and fear. Their intent was death, and their reasons were the threat. They knew that if they didn’t know that they could suffer or even be put to death. I felt the fear and anger they held.

Knowing the name of the Demonic in the atmosphere; my friend, Flame, called Deception by name. As he did, Deception gathered himself together. His body was made from the insects that we saw before. His anger and fear were ugly to see. Flame knew that he couldn’t last because of the scroll he had to decree. I handed Flame the scroll, and he began to speak.

The hidden agenda of Deception was evicted from being able to do anything. As his anger grew, the bug began to grow as his body did too. Blade saw them moving quickly towards us. Calling his angels to move forward they blew over the bugs the glory fire of God turning them into dust. As they did Deception began to scream. I quickly moved and created another circle with string. As I did a large wall of fire erupted causing Deception to shrink back.

As the room continued to move in chaos, I felt like the people began to move quicker. Like they were in overdrive. I suddenly saw something on them that was causing them to speed up out of time. I realized at this moment that the enemy was trying to speed up plans. As this started to happen, I felt Jesus hand on mine, and He told me to speak peace to the storm. I quickly talked to the people in the room, “Peace be still.” Suddenly everyone stopped working.

I could sense them being overcome by the words and unable to move. As they stood frozen, I went to each person and began removing the things that held them in this place of planning. Phones were removed, and laptops were pushed to the side. I looked and saw in the spirit what looked like something planted on them by the enemy. I removed the things I saw chains, demonic microchips, what looked like strings, and also other ugly things. I saw metal bands that were placed over many of their minds. I removed them and saw that as I did, peace was coming to each of them.

I began painting pictures in the atmosphere. The pictures were images that they could see in the atmosphere. It was pictures of children and pictures of family. Some were images of their home countries. As they images began to come I saw tears coming to the peoples’ eyes. I realized the Lord was revealing the goodness before their eyes. One by one Jesus came to each person. Releasing them from their frozen place and looking directly at them he began speaking to them and releasing healing.

Some chose to receive and others wouldn’t. The ones that received found peace and the others who rejected him he left in there place. As he did this Blade came with another piece of heavenly technology that He opened up and released in the room. It reminded me of one of those devices that knocked out the power of anything electronic, but this time it released a frequency that disabled communication from the devices. As it was released, I sensed that the devices no longer were able to communicate.


president car (1)We then moved back to the ship and went to a place where I saw tall buildings, and on the buildings, I saw legions of demonic forces standing. Besides them, I saw a sharp shooter stationed as well as other people planted along the path that the president was to take. The buildings were very tall and had what looked like blue glass.

As I looked, I saw the way that the president was to take and new that it was not safe and that he needed to be moved. As I saw cars moving, I remember sensing the need to create a new way for him to go and instead of fighting the enemy to change the plans. I remember releasing in the spirit what looked like a yellow tape that highlighted the route he was to go. I then went to the dangerous path and placed a roadblock in the spirit. I was vehicles moving towards the pathway and an angel coming and causing the cars to shut down in the middle of the road.

I then remember sending angels to the people in charge of his safety releasing warnings. I also sent angels of protection to shield the president. I then saw Blade go with Flame to the place where the enemy was stationed. There was a large principality that was stationed at this building. As they realized that the President wasn’t coming, they began to become very angry.

I saw forces of darkness coming towards the President’s motorcade. Immediately, I started decreeing the scroll the Lord had set for this moment. “You shall not touch the Lord’s anointed. I serve you this bill of divorce from any plans against our President Trump. You have no rights to Him.”

As I said this, the principality stopped dead in his tracks, but many of the demons around him continued to take course against our President Trump. Flame and Blade began to move against the darkness that was coming towards me and the President’s motor cage.

I began singing in the Spirit over His car and releasing sounds that were loud, and the song began to shake the places around us. As I sang, I heard the screams of the enemy as the sound caused confusion to come. As I continued to sing, I saw that atmosphere around the cars light up and become so bright that the enemy was blinded.

Flame began to get larger, and he was dealing with the principality that was still standing still but yet was still giving direction to the demons that were trying to come towards us. As they were blinded, Blade began placing what looked like clamps on the demons. Each one was attached to the clamp that was then attached to Journey which took them out of there.

I saw Jesus come into the President’s car and sit next to him. As the atmosphere was full of tension, I saw Jesus place His hand on the President and place a mantle of protection over Him. I sensed this mantle was actually bullet proof. I then realized that where he had to go was exactly where the enemy had planned, but then I saw the Lord take him to the back part of this building where they were supposed to go. As Jesus placed this mantel over Him, I saw Him remove darts that had been planted by the enemy. I also saw something on Him that looked like a tracking device. So gently, I saw Him speaking to his spirit and releasing love over Him.


As the President arrived at the place, he was to go into the building. I saw Jesus get out of the car with him. As he stood there, Jesus turned to two large angels and assigned them to his sides. These angels were larger and had great large wings that as President trump moved covered him and shielded Him from sight. I also sensed that their wings would not let anything touch him.

I knew that we were not done. That there was a large mess to be cleared up on the streets. Including the sniper, who was now trying to run. Inside Journey, I saw that several things still remained in the chest along with the book. Inside was what looked like several alarms. These alarms were given to angels who then began placing them on those who were still planning against our President. This included the sniper as well as the men in the planning room. As they were released, you could see that they were now highlighted that everywhere they went whenever they tried to do something in secret it was exposed. They could no longer hide. However, our President was safe and had angels on his side.


Releasing Victory on Journey


All Creation Groans-SpiritWars Interview

Dreaming of Roots and War

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  1. an amazing sharing of Messiah’s ability to thwart, and destroy the plans of the enemy, of the dark power, and bring his light, love, and peace into any situation.


  2. I just love how quickly and easily Jesus can orchestrate a complete reversal. 10 years ago, while I would have had faith that Jesus could do anything, it would have never crossed my mind that it would be so complex and beautiful (like a symphony) and yet so effortless. Now, I am just in awe of Him, more and more each day. I am so grateful that we not only get to witness these things, but He invites us to take part in them as well. Thank you for sharing.


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