Dreaming of Roots and War

Sunday night I was up throughout the night writing dreams and visions I had through the night. I believe these dreams tie together and have a message from Papa we can all learn from:


 I had one first with my daughter where I was walking the streets of American and every property to the left and right was a war zone of a different nation. I saw there flags and they were Thailand, Ireland, China, Germany. I saw these nations fighting against each other. If one would step in another’s property it looked like a civil war. Yet when they were on the streets and sidewalks of America they treated each other like friends yet you could see the violence in there eyes. Some would start singing there nations song and another group would sing there’s trying to out-sing each other’s song. 

I then had another dream:


Jesus lead me into this secret passage way. It was a door that was hidden in this old oak tree. I heard Papa say, “I am leading you your own unique way. Many are going or have gone to this deep place but they each are lead in a unique way. Come deep with me.” 

As we went down we were in the ground and the roots were deep. I saw many people there but Jesus pointed out someone I didn’t recognize and said, “there is Jonathan Welton”. I was curious but at the time I really didn’t care as the roots drew my attention. I felt the life around me coming from them and as I touched the roots this life went through me like electricity. I then realized I was becoming part of the root system. I was being ingrained into the tree. This wasn’t painful but rather freeing. I felt my breath becoming less and rather felt God’s breath and life coming through me. Colors, sounds, and deep beautiful feelings flowed through the roots and permeated my very every sense. 


I didn’t totally understand this moment but when I woke up it began to make sense. As I got up I read an article about Jonathan Welton and the accusations against His ministry. My heart broke not because he was a friend, but because this is a brother in the Lord. 

For I do not know him but have many friends who do and have worked with Him and went to His school. Some of the teachings I had read or listened to I can’t say I have agreed with everything but yet I realize something and I believe this dream has something to say about this. 

Many of us are on different journeys with God. He is taking us deeper with Him and teaching us things according to our own understanding. Over the last 22 years of my walk with God I am learning our journeys are all unique but important. We never have everything 100% accurate but we are not called to defame others journeys. We are called to walk our own hand and hand rooted and grounded in Him.
It saddens me to see so many people come against their brothers and sisters in Christ because of doctrinal differences. It is ok to disagree and even have a healthy argument but I believe instead of smearing someone we don’t understand we need to go deeper with God and see what He is doing. Let’s talk about that instead. 

Stop the friendly fire and get rooted and grounded in Jesus, guys! Yeah, I didn’t use any scriptures here but I am sure Jesus would happily show you some to back up what I am saying. I am not here to prove who I am in Christ and prove what He has done in Me. I am only here to share what He is doing and bring the Love of God to the hearts of those who read the words of my blog. So be love! You are loved!!!!

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  1. this goes along with the scriptural principles laid out by Yeshua & Paul – if you have an issue / problem / uncertainty about another believer, or even if they’re ensnared in sin that besets them, (if you’re aware of such) then He said to go PRIVATELY first, meet face to face with that one, after first surrounding the meet with prayer for guidance, and to minister in love, to air your concerns. All too often people “jump to conclusions” or believe gossip about another, then don’t uplift it in prayer seeking His guidance as to how to pray for that believer, and whether He desires you to approach in love, to air your concerns, but instead perpetuate the cycle of gossip by discussing it with others (not bridling their tongue)

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  2. Thank you for your post. I’m struck by the idea of friendly fire. Sometimes Christians can be so unkind and unchristlike. It amazes me. I don’t know how they do it. It see wrath, accusation and fury, instead of respectful disagreement, patience and grace. I know God has mercy on me to the same degree that I have mercy on others. I know I need mercy badly so I am generous with mercy. I wish others were also.

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  3. Someone was talking about how we don’t receive healing because we fail to discern the body of Christ. I have had that on my mind to meditate on lately. There is strength in unity. He was talking about healing, but this post sort of reinforces the importance of the body of Christ to me. It is so important that we are united, and not backbiting. Not just because God wants us to feel all warm and fuzzy, but because he knows it will bring us healing, and power. That is why the greatest thing is love. We need that to counteract such evil around us these days.

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