Releasing Victory on Journey

After several days of incredible physical pain from tormenting migraines and a night of crying out for release, I woke up with freedom and peace. I remembered that my dreams were filled with intercession for our nation. With great encouragement from my friends this morning and last night. I felt this release to step into the Garden with God and see what Victory can be released. This was my encounter with Him and my tribe of Warrior Scribes.

Releasing Victory on Journey

Jesus, I come with you to the Father’s garden. I see the threats that I have felt before me. What is going on? I realize it is not about me but about what is happening in my nation and this world. You saw this ugly thing that was set before us over these past couple days. This ugly picture of murder over our president. What is your heart, Papa? What can we do?

Papa replies, “Come, my beloved daughter. I have given you the tools to defeat the plans of the enemy. There is nothing too big that the enemy brings that I have not given you the tools needed to overcome.”

As He said this, he places His hand over my head. The pain I had been feeling for weeks suddenly was removed from my head and placed in his hand. As I looked at it, I saw a bloody red heart that was beating strong. It was beating hard in pain. It was crying out. It was what I had been feeling for the last several days.

I looked at it, and I said, “Papa. What are we to do? I give it to you and ask that we can change this pain into freedom. I have seen and felt the hurts of many who are crying out for freedom. These are the cries of those with injustice.”

Suddenly, I saw in this heart the people who have been praying about the issues in our nation and this world. I saw the injustice that was not only coming from this world but against God’s people in the form of witchcraft and even shutting down of their voices. I saw many who had been crying, but their voices were not heard because of a black tape that had been placed over them. Covering their mouths and covering their voices.

There was blood pouring out over them, similar to the ugly picture that was spread by our media. But this blood was the blood of injustice and sacrifice. This sacrifice was being made to create structures that would stand against those who were coming to bring truth.

I heard Papa say, “It is time to wash the blood off my people and to restore their voices of Justice. I have given them the words to speak; it is time for them to go forth. The structures planned by the enemy cannot stand against my Sons and Daughters and the Truth I have given them. I am releasing my water to wash away this blood and wash away these structures in the process.”

Suddenly, I saw set before me the vessels of living water that carried forgiveness and redemption. My angels came and carried them unto my heavenly craft, Journey.

I also looked, and Papa took the heart that was in my hand and said it is time to allow the cry of Justice from my Children to be changed to a Cry of Victory that will destroy the darkness in its path. Papa handed the heart to Jesus.

Jesus came to me and said, “I know you share this heart for Justice and Life. Will you be united in me in this release of Victory?” I placed my hands in his around the heart, and He placed it inside himself. As He did, He embraced me and I felt like I stepped into Him and as I did, there was this explosion of light again. Suddenly I saw this star-forming over the earth. This star is called Victory. With it came forth an angel named Victory. He carried a sword that released light to all who was believing from the darkness to uncovered.

In this place of hiddenness with Jesus, I saw my own heart expanding with the hearts of others in intercession. It expanded over our earth. As it did Light was exploding forth. With it came a sound. It started with a roar and then changed to a warrior’s cry that was a song of Victory.

We are Children of the King of Kings
and Victory is in the Key.
The key is intimacy.
Intimacy is the place where we will see the plans of the enemy,
and they will not touch us because we are in Victory.
And Victory is in the Key of Intimacy.
The plans of the enemy have no plea
For our, Voice is greater, and God’s Power is stronger
His Glory is covering and restoring
and protecting those in Need.

Living Waters flow forth and bring Victory…. Bring Victory!

With this song, I saw many angels coming forth into Journey and with the people who had been praying for Victory. Each on carrying a vessel of victory. The vessels of victory had different issues written on them. Human Trafficking, Witchcraft, Defilement, Perversion, Media, Environment, Government, Slavery, Corruption, Sickness, Hopelessness, Poverty, Families, Environment, Economy, Healthcare, and The Church.


As the people gathered inside Journey, I saw many of my friends joining. As each one gathered, I saw the light of His glory intensify within Journey. The power of His glory that was contained within Journey was so strong; we were all filled with Joy knowing what we had to bring. As we arrived in different places of our nation and our world, we would release the vessels with a cry of victory. Some of the vessels were released like missiles exploding over different places as they exploded we would see darkness be washed out by His Glory. With it, we would see people who voice had been covered released. I also saw the spirits of those who had been trapped by witchcraft released and they would gather with us in Journey to be healed and restored before the King. There would be great cries of Victory as His goodness would change the situation around those who were suffering.

I saw a vessel of Freedom released over North Korea. It caused the corruption to fall to its knees. In this place, it was overcome and redeemed. What looked like corrupted kings were turned to Family. I saw Families and Dynasties that once were hidden rising and taking places of leadership. These families had the heart for God and a love for their people. The humility of this new King brought a nation to its knees with a desire to see freedom and healing. Instead of bringing slavery it brought freedom and a restoration of the provision to those in the most knees. I also saw women coming forth from this nation who was hidden by greed but with the rise of this new family came honor and with the honor that came this woman spoke in a way that causes the women of this nation to see that they are powerful and beautiful and have the ability to bring change.

I saw a vessel released over Russia. This vessel brought great peace. It caused the hearts of its leaders to see the need for its people to see clearly. Suddenly, all the wall of injustice were torn down and replaced with Gates of Freedom. With this great idea came and great dreams that caused it to be united with our nation and bring peace.

I saw over the United Kingdom something released that brought provision to their economy. I saw large corporations that were filled with corruption washed away by the waters of Victory and from the water the voices of much smaller business that were crying out for victory coming forth. The sounds were heard by many and with it came the provision they needed. From these new companies came provision that was not just for them but the world in many key ways. I saw technology that would provide healing to many.

I saw sadness that had held many down. But there was a cry of victory that came with a release of His living water. I saw a vessel being poured out of the nation. The Vessel read, “Revival.” As the water was released, I saw revival hitting many streets. It didn’t come from the churches, but it came from the children and the children started crying out in many tongues, and each tongue was not just French but in many languages. These children would carry this revival to the world.

I saw a hidden tribe that had never seen technology. They were crying out for healing over their nation and over the children and women who had been killed and stolen by those wanting to bring corruption. As His water was released, I saw Children reunited with those who were crying out. I also saw the armies of corruption being torn down. I also saw provision forming from the waters of Victory.

I saw hidden darkness creeping inside the streets and coming on boats. The darkness is being carried by those longing for freedom, but as the people carrying it came, they are bringing slavery. As the waters of Victory were released, suddenly I saw angels being released. These angels brought new clothing to those crying for Freedom. It removed the darkness they carried and brought them healing from the King. Suddenly I looked, and I saw a shield being placed around the islands. It allowed for people to enter but not the darkness. I also saw a band of Young adults who are singing in the streets. In the Music is released a sound that changed the tone of what you can hear.

We came directly to the Whitehouse and released the waters of protection over our President and those in need. I saw the darkness creeping in hidden places. As His living waters came, it was flushed out into the streets. Suddenly I saw scrolls being released on the desk of our president by many angels from many different nations and regions of authority. These scrolls carried exactly what He needs. In it were plans to uncover the darkness and to bring peace to those in need. I also saw a large angel named Zerubbabel. He had a large sword of Justice in His hand. I saw Him place it at the foundation of DC. I saw Him begin to cut deep into the foundation. As He did a layer of corruption came off. It was the darkness that was set at a time. This time was no longer to happen. As He peeled it off DC, I saw the principalities flee and with the Man and Women came to these knees. They cried for Mercy from those who took the lead. They asked forgiveness, and Jesus came and set them free. Suddenly those who were enemies became strong voices of Victory.

I also saw the homes of many who had been praying and speaking the truth over our nation as a New Media. Many of the people were the ones I had originally seen with Darkness wrapped around their mouths and voices. As His Waters of Victory were released, I saw the darkness removed, and shields of provision and safety were established, as more angels were dispatched to their side. I saw hedges and gates placed at their homes and over the technology in their homes. Technology Angels were released to watch the lines of communication. I also saw God changing their voices and the technology they carried to operate on a higher frequency. It was a high frequency that the low frequency of the enemy couldn’t reach. They even would nullify the lower frequency causing many to hear the truth over the lies.

I also saw the sickness that had been plaguing his people being removed with His waters. At each place, we released the victory, and at each place, freedom is being seen.

This encounter encourages me to see that even in the place of impending danger we have a voice of Victory. Many have been feeling the urgency to pray and have had dreams of attacks. We have voices and the authority to carry His victory to those in need. I speak over the area where fear has plagued the hearts of those in need or those who have seen these things. I speak the love of God to overcome every area where fear has come. You are the one who carries victory. You carry the Authority! Sons and Daughters of the King arise and speak it to this world in need. You Have The VICTORY!

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  1. thank you for sharing such a beautiful, encouraging word. I too seek from Him to have all darkness coming at me, trying to cover me to be defeated, washed away in His river of living water, and deeper intimacy with our Father and His Son. I watched a vid the other day with Dr. Waler Martin in his last appearance on TBN before he was kicked off for telling the truth. He back then, was exhorting believers to grow up in Christ, their place in His army opposing the forces of the enemy, expose what is hidden in darkness to the Light so that the soldiers of Messiah can see them to vanquish them.

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