“I loved you first; You loved me back.” His Love is an everlasting exchange. His love comes to us, and we express it back to Him with a sound that causes a response. An everlasting continuous echo of His voice and the voice of Creation responding to one another.

When you step into a cave or a large cathedral, sound doesn’t just sit in one place. It moves and does something beautiful or terrible. It can touch you in the deepest loving way, or it can violently shake things changing the face of this earth. In the same way, the love of God can shake us destroying structures that are unstable and clearing our hearts to be free to see in a way we never imagined. Sound can deeply pierce us causing anything from the severity of pain to the depths of deep love. Sound can also be muffled and hidden. I do not believe it is lost. For even the rocks contain a record of what has happened around them.

During an incredible night of worship at the Gathering in Tacoma WA, I spent some time focusing on what was happening in heaven. As rivers of living water poured over me, I found myself lifted into a higher place where I was intensely and loudly singing to God. As I sang, I looked up and saw the galaxies. The sound would hit the stars and planets so strongly that I heard something back. It was like singing in a large room where the acoustics reflect in such a way that makes your heart sing. Except what came back wasn’t just my voice. It was the song of creation harmonizing in a symphony of resonating sounds that when they came back to me, they shook me.


This song was not only creation, but it was part of my Heavenly Father’s song back to me. As I remained in this moment, I felt like something inside me was being shaken. The structures and mindsets deep inside me were being torn down. It was beautiful and terrible. For he was clearing the path inside me so that nothing would hinder our communication anymore.

The battle cry of our hearts and voices resounding in a great exchange. It is shaking things not just in me but all creation. The battle cry that is going to remove the darkness and set us free to experience the fullness of Him.

My friend Margie Mooreman and I had felt several weeks ago that God had an assignment for us to do together. During the Gathering, we were able to get together and complete that assignment. This is an account of what happened. I believe this has significant prophetic meaning to what is happening right now.

As we stood before Papa, we notice the excitement that was in the atmosphere and from the angels that were gathering with great anticipation. As we sat in the loving arms of our heavenly Father, we asked Him what was on His heart and what we could do?

We heard Him say,

“It is time to clear airways and realign justice and mercy. There are platforms that have been abused. I want to remove the sound that has hit the ground. The sounds that bring chaos and the sounds that bring fear. I want to shake them and destroy them to bring justice for what I hold dear. Take redemption and remove the fear. Fill the earth with my love and create a new atmosphere. This atmosphere is something that will bring peace to accelerate the things I hold dear.”

I see planets and stars, and the sounds that hit the ground are a reflection of what this world holds dear, but He wants to change it to the things that He holds dear. All the corruption and disconnect is unpleasant, and it is creating a toxic atmosphere that is hitting the heavens. This toxic pollution is not only filling the earth in our dimension, and it is spreading to others. It had nowhere to go other than up.

Margie and I stood before angels carrying what looked like two large tear drops called Justice and Mercy. I believe they were God the Father’s teardrops. Legions of angels came behind them with swords in hand. They began slicing the toxins in the air and the land. We remained above with the angels carrying the teardrops and watched.

We were given two large swords that were saturated with His tears. Carrying them over our shoulders, we didn’t have to fight but rather knew we needed to move swiftly along the pathways that were cleared by the angels. As we moved, we knew that His Justice and Mercy was dripping and releasing the power of His love. This dissipated the toxins and also allowed for the sounds of praise and his goodness to be released from Earth into the heavens and back again with no interference and instead of toxic atmosphere, it is the sound of Praise and the Love of God and His Light reflecting and being released.

As we realized the environment was cleared, we saw before us a large platform that was broken, abused and needed to be fixed. This platform reminded me of something like a large old wooden stage. The platform is media. It is receiving a new foundation and being placed in proper alignment with God. I see cracks, but He is removing the broken and beginning to renew it to its original form. I also see him fixing it like some cultures fix there pottery. Taking gold and resetting the cracked pieces in Gold. It showed the beauty in the brokeness. What once was broken becomes even more precious.


He then turned over the platform, and it will not be the same again. The truth will come from a place of humility and in a different way than before. It is being overturned so that the under-turned can have a voice. The voice of those who have been silenced or muffled will be louder, stronger, and heard. I can hear the sound of Freedom coming down. Liberty is ringing once again.

I see people on the platform dancing on injustice and as they do the sound and frequency of their dance cause an intense shaking that is felt throughout all of this creation.



Mike Parsons – Freedom Apostolic Resources

All Creation Groans-SpiritWars Interview

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