Papa’s Laugh


He so enjoys spending time with the ones He loves… He is a good Papa! Sometimes we go through tough patches where frustration and pain can make it hard to smile. It is in those moments, He is calling us to turn our attention to Him. Close our eyes and see His grin. He is never angry and he will never grow tired. Being with you is what bring Him Joy because you are His Child. It is in this place that we can find peace and rest. This was one of those moments:


I turn my attention to you, Father. Your eyes are on me, and when I see, something changes inside of me. All the furiousness of life comes to a stop. I see the beauty of your goodness as it shines through the affection in your eyes. You draw me closer still. I look and see something deeper. I come nose to nose with You. You smile at me. I smile at you. Your mouth opens, mine does too. In one moment, something changes everything.

Your Laugh. Your Grin.

It moves me deep within. With it, laughter comes to me again.

Papa's LaughOnce hidden beneath webs of lies, this joy rises from deep inside. With my head in your hands, you kiss me on the cheek. Oh so sweet. This laughter turns to a song that makes my heart want to dance along. You stand up, we bow, and I dance like I am a child once again. Spinning around and swaying side to side. You hold my hands and look at me with great joy in your eyes.

At this moment all the things that were bothering me, they fall to the ground, and I feel like I can finally breathe. Hope comes in a garment of praise that is covering me with beauty and reflecting your ways. Gently it wraps around me, and I feel your affection in this garment that surrounds me. No longer am I naked but hidden in your goodness where I need to be. I look at you and smile really big. Seeing your beauty surrounding me and with great excitement, I jump into your arms. You lift me up and spin me around. Moving through the air, I feel like I can fly above anything that causes harm.

Slowly, you bring me back into your arms. Holding me tightly, I feel the sweetness of your peace surrounding me, keeping me safe from all harm. I feel your love so deep inside. Slowly you sit down, and I come to the ground. Looking up at you, I am so thankful for your Goodness and your Love. So we sit and just enjoy.

It is in this place my expression of love comes from deep within. Papa, I love you so much. You make things so amazing. Your Love is so extravagant. Thank you for always caring for me and looking beyond my broken moments to my deepest needs. Even in times where I don’t listen you still are waiting right there for me. I look to you and see your Goodness shine through. Waiting patiently for me to see what you see. Your View is so much better than mine and your eyes see so much clearer what can be left behind. I see you looking at me, and when I do, it brings hope deep inside of me.

Great Resources:

Spirit-Led Inner Healing by Susan Storm

Photo by Ben White and Jose Ibarra on Unsplash


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  1. Most of the time i find that everything seems struggle & tough slogging. I do tho’ appreciate sharings like this that seek to uplift us by changing our focus for a short time

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