Timelines and DNA

There have been many questions about Timelines and DNA as of late. Many Inner Healing Practitioners have been discovering that healing and freedom can come to people through dealing with curses in DNA as well as restoring fractured parts of people who are caught in wrong timelines or even stuck in timelines inside a person. While I do not have a lot of personal knowledge of this, I have found that when asking the Father how to pray, there are times He has directed me to pray through these things. I have also experienced on several occasions where God has, in the spirit, shown me areas to bring restoration and healing to people and myself. The following is one of those moments.

Timelines and DNA: October 15, 2017

I see before me what my Father wants me to do. It is a life of freedom. It is a life of something new. It isn’t wrapped up in theology, knowledge, or even ancient books. It is something different that looks like nothing you can put into words or even paint in a picture book. I look and there is something new coming up from the ground. It isn’t ancient. It is filled with Light, Color, Feeling, Scents, and Sound. Everyone is beautiful and unique. It is something of purpose that you have created to be. Yet, when I look to see the source there is an empty space. For although this timeline is created people need to take their place.

Turning and looking, I see many people caught and broken on an old false timeline. Their hearts are full of torment and trauma and pain. God is saying this isn’t where I want them to stay. Slowly, I begin going one by one. Touching their shoulders and removing them from their spots. For many are stuck in this timeless enemy brigade. It is a place that has them caught in poverty, slavery, and pain. Many are reliving places where they feel they are enslaved. I look and I see something that makes me want to cry. It is a whole bunch of children with so much emptiness in their eyes. They have been lost on these old timelines too.

Something deep inside me begins to cry. It is a cry for justice. It is a cry for freedom for every child. Papa taking me deeper than I could understand. I was suddenly caught in a DNA Strand. Inside this DNA strand, there was a chord that was on Fire. My entire being accelerates and as if I was being consumed by the fire. Yet this fire didn’t burn. It was a gateway to a moment where my understanding turns.

I was standing on a mountain, watching this same burning fire. It was the burning bush. It was this same glory fire. Looking around me I saw Moses on the ground. As I heard God’s all-consuming sound. It didn’t speak in words I could understand, yet the sound of His Glory made me unable to stand. Then I heard the same words Moses heard. “It is time to say, “Let my People Go!” This call isn’t to a particular earthly King. This call is to the darkness that tries to enslave so many.

dna-1903875I notice that this fire that was before my eyes. It is the same fire that burns in the DNA of every child. This isn’t something bad. This is something very good. This is the DNA of God that dwelled in our creation and before we ever stood. Suddenly, I saw a picture of darkness trying to climb through the DNA of every man, woman, and child. It wanted to cover the beauty of this fire. Many were so consumed by it you couldn’t even see the fire.

In that moment, I ask Papa what can we do? He said, “It is time to declare my truth.’

As I stood again on this timeline of slavery and pain. I looked at the people and I began declaring your name. Many looked and turned and started to run. Only putting distance between me and them. I realized my attempt at bringing freedom had failed. For my words only were interpreted by something many had seen as a religious fail.

I turned my attention back to you, Papa. You smiled big and said, “Now let’s bring them the real Jesus.” I turned my attention to Jesus. He reached out His arms and hugged me and I was consumed by just one touch of His hand. In that moment, I realized we were one, burning hot with this same Glory Fire. I was moving in Him and He was the one that was about to come.

As we came together to see the dark timeline again. He said, “Now sing and Let my Love consume every lie with every note that comes to them.” So as I opened my mouth and just sang a simple melody. Suddenly, your Glory exploded and began to consume. It was like the atmosphere around me began to light up. It wasn’t just light, I realized I was a portal to the timeline waiting for them. As I sang and as I spoke many came and began to look. It was like I was seeing things from above.

I was still standing there with Jesus, still holding my hand, and I was consumed by His Love but I realized I was in the new timeline. Yet as I took my place, I was creating a portal for other’s to come and join. If they came and touched Jesus’ hand, they moved from darkness to a place where God had for them to stand. As my perspective began to change, I realized we were all creating realms where God’s Glory was engaged. As I began to look from my perspective here I realized we have a choice where we want to engage life. We can engage life from the timeline of slavery or we can turn our attention to Him and He can change the timeline in which we stand.  

mohammad-metri-258150I want to speak truth about what happened in this encounter. In these timelines of slavery, some are trapped in by curses, traps, and trauma. Yet some are trapped there by lies that enslave. These lies have become mindsets, these lies have become rules and religious caves. They only bring them deeper into darkness by religious systems and goals that every sinner is doomed. They look at this world and say gloom and doom. Because that is what they see, they say it too. Because they say it, it is sometimes the only way they know to stay. This is part of that slavery timeline. Yet, It is not where Heaven is. It is a lie. Is there darkness? Is there sin? Yes. But is God’s Goodness greater than this timeline of lies and mess? Oh heck Yes! I believe when we begin to declare God’s Truth, the darkness loses its grip here on earth and many will see His Love as a doorway to freedom.

Please know, I AM NOT say Heaven isn’t a great place to be. Yet, people believe a lie that Heaven is something they have to achieve. Jesus didn’t die for us to become whitewashed tombs. Jesus is our victory and He has redeemed us and we are children of God. It isn’t a matter of getting cleaned up so we can come. He is saying you have access and it is my love that will overcome all your junk. For Jesus didn’t die for perfect white slates. For we are all sinners, yet He died so we are now called daughters and sons.

pair-843320_1920Do you know, it says we are already seated in Heavenly places with God. For Jesus is our access and we are seated with Him, right now. We are all carriers of His kingdom here on Earth. We are the ones who carried it even before our Birth. When we begin to believe the Truth of this reality. We become consumed by His Goodness and it displaces darkness with Kingdom Reality. For we are not just physical beings here on earth. This body is only part of something bigger, our Spirit, that sits both in the Heavens and on Earth. You may ask how can one be in many places at one time. Yet, Heaven is a realm with different space and a different time. For we are created to be in this reality to bring Heaven and Create something good with God.


Journey4Freedom Spirit-Led Inner Healing

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  1. This is very beautiful. It even begins to minister to the reader. I know there are plenty of times I don’t feel I can draw near to Jesus or Dad in heaven, because I’m acutely aware of my failings, and I think to myself, “you aren’t making a whole lot of progress, and when any is made it seems to be such tough slogging”. I know the enemy resists every step we take on the path of righteousness, but sometimes I think how nice it would be to actually see some heavenly assistants. I know my late wife saw her guardian angel, she heard the Lord speak to her many times giving her direction, but me, I can only say I’ve heard what I perceived to be Him, speak, on one occasion for sure. I don’t even have her to share with, now.


  2. Thank you so very much for this very reflexive read! I shows we are endowed with Spiritual gifts that will be umlocked when we are, how can I put it?, TRANSFORMED into LIGH†. Papa God showed me that the Word L.I.G.H.T. is an acronym that could mean “Living In God’s Holy Temple”. Well, ain’t this all a huge coinkydink?

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