Creating Heavenly Symphonies of Color

Yesterday my 5-year-old daughter Ellie was so excited to get out her new paints she got in her Easter Basket. I went to the basement and pulled out the paint supplies and discovered a painting my daughter had done a few days before that I hadn’t seen. It was beautiful but had a big empty white space in the middle as she hadn’t finished it. I asked her if she would finish it. She said, No Mommy, you can finish it.

As she started another project with her coloring pages, I took some of the new blue and finished the sky with my fingers and then added a tree. Quickly my daughter looked at what I did and became very upset. “No, Mommy! You ruined it! I already added the sky.” she yelled at me as big tears welled in eyes. My heart broke realizing I ruined her picture and what she had imagined for her painting.

How often we see something incomplete or broken in our children or even in the next generation, and we try to come to “fix it” or “finish it for them.” I believe God is saying that even in our incomplete and broken areas of life, we are still creating beautiful things with Him. Are we willing to step out of trying to fix God’s creation and instead pay attention to it’s beauty and life?

This morning as I went into the Heavenlies, God gave me a deeper look into what He is doing with my daughter and this generation. I believe this is a prevalent message to us!

Creating a Heavenly Symphony of Living Colors!-April 20, 2017
Stepping into Jesus’ arms in heaven, I see something great is about to take place in front of us. It is about to take place above the throne room. Many people had gathered on this soft hillside to watch this symphony. Jesus and I sat down in joyful anticipating the greatness of what was about to happen. The lights look like a rainbow that fills the entire sky. Gently I watch as an Angel rose above the throne and with a Large trumpet Harold the crowd to attention with a beautiful melody. In Joyful anticipation, at the last note, everything went to…


Suddenly, there is a rise of sound. It is not of voices but of a rushing wind that overcame us all with the Joyful glory of God. Suddenly there is an explosion in the sky, but this explosion is of color.

These colors are not like anything I have ever seen. In my mind, I long to understand and interpret what these colors are? Jesus leans towards me, and I immediately have a picture of seeing the spectrum colors RGB turn and taken from one dimension to multidimensional and how the color looks when viewed from all realms. The colors were not just colors, but they were sound, light, and even emotions. I experienced different forms of Joy, Love, and anticipation with every color. My spirit was moved by this symphony as they didn’t stand alone but came together in a way that brought harmony.

I saw a child coming forth into the sky and painting an image and God the Father coming an expanding her image. Suddenly I realized this painting was familiar. It was my daughter’s finger painting in its original form and that the little child was my daughter Ellie. Tears came to my eyes as I realized how beautiful her painting was and how God was celebrating it for all to see.

Then something happened unexpectedly. The painting came to life with one touch of Father’s hand. The colors turned to songs and joy. Suddenly what looked like a beautiful field of red poppy flowers she painted came to life. The red flowers were millions of red butterflies that flew all over. In Father’s arms, Ellie lifting her arms up as butterflies covered her and Father’s arms and nose. The wonderful sound of her laughter filled the air and was heard throughout heaven as our Father joined in. Tears of joy filled my eyes at the sound as it broke every bit of sadness I had felt with great joy.

Then Papa sang this song over her,

“You bring me life, and I bring you love.
Your changing everything with your laughter and smile
Your dance brings joy, and I will carry you through every trial
Create with me oh beautiful daughter.
You bring delight to my heart and
All those who hear your laughter will come to life.”

As He did, she began dancing in the sky. Next thing I saw the sky was filled with children dancing and shouting and some were painting more scenes. Each scene would come to life in a beautiful way. With each picture came something unique and beautiful. I believed it released life in a way that we never saw before. These children were creating with their Creator; this is creativity at its best.

Jesus then reminded me, “You are all created to create life. My desire is to see the joy of creation impact these children in a way they never knew. I know you feel sorrow for changing her painting but look and see what is coming forth. It is life.”

I was overwhelmed by the love coming from their paintings. Gently several of the butterflies came and landed on me. As they did, I could feel the love of my daughter deep inside, filling me with fresh life.

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