The Bridge to Freedom

Freedom is just around the corner I hear from Papa God. I see before me a great bridge that divides the light from the darkness. When I look behind me, I see the pain of my past and even my current pain. There also is the addiction that holds tightly to my name. The longing to be wanted and accepted in the confines of man. Yet, I know I am going where no man can stand on their own.

holding-hands-1772035_1920It is a place where hope is all that I know. It is a place where I can only stand when I have His hand to hold. It is the hand of Jesus, who leads me on. To the place where His glory is greater than any dawn. I look into Jesus’ eyes, and I see His complete Love. It is rising deep inside with the purpose of what He has to show.

I step onto this bridge; we climb stairs that rise above the darkness where I can grow. On this walk, I see the angels all around. They are calling ahead and preparing for what is just beyond the top. Some remain behind us to cover us from behind. I do not have to look because it is by His Grace that I stay confined.

Moving forward, I feel the weight of my past, it trails behind me in a heavy shadow it cast. For although this is a shadow, it’s weight seems to grow. I look to Jesus, as I cannot move because of the weight it holds.

Jesus turns to me and says, “Are you ready to separate from this unbelief? For this isn’t yours to carry, I have created you to be free.”

“Take it all Jesus; I cannot hold onto it anymore. I need to be free to move and no longer be held down by this weight anymore.”

Gently, He releases this clasp that clung tightly around my neck. I fall forward into His arms just relieved to be free from its heavy grip. In His arms, I weep as every sorrow lifts from my eyes and heart. I begin to feel His goodness soaking deep inside every part. It purifies the darkness that once dwelt inside. He places a new robe around me, a crown upon my head, and a sword at my side. He lifts my chin to see His beautiful eyes. I cannot put into words the love that poured out like fire upon me, His bride.

bride-1867318_1920In this glance, I realized this moment wasn’t just a walk of freedom. I am moving into this place of wholeness and being perfected by Jesus love through every season.

As we reach the top of this Bridge, I see the beauty of this land that is stretch out before me. It is a land where freedom doesn’t come at the cost of those I love. It is a place where destinies come together with family and the friends I love. I look and see them waiting just beaconing us to come one step more. Before we go, I hear there is one more thing that cannot remain with me anymore. It is the pride of thinking that all this past and pain, is something I have to hold onto as a part of how I’m created to reign.

Jesus asks me, “Will you agree that this pain was not a part of who you are created to be?”

“Yes, I agree that I am created to be free. I choose to see the pain and know that it has no name. For it is no longer a part of me or the beautiful family I have standing before me.”

With my arm is His, we dawn this new lands door. I look around me, and I see I don’t have to be frightened anymore. For His perfect love dwells inside me and I have everything I need to go. I can hold on tightly to Jesus’ hand and call this Freedom land my home.


Spirit-Led Inner Healing by Susan Storm

Matt Evans For Healing the Nations


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