His Blood Speaks a Better Word: A Journey of Intimacy

You have come to Jesus, the one who mediates the new covenant between God and people, and to the sprinkled blood, which speaks of forgiveness instead of crying out for vengeance like the blood of Abel. Hebrew 12:24 NLT

In the last several days I have experienced a lot of spiritual warfare as I have been preparing to finally see something I wrote come to life in a local theater. The experience has been amazing and wonderful, but I have also experienced a lot of attacks from the enemy. It has been in these intense moments I have clung to Jesus to find healing and strength to continue to see His Glory revealed. This is from my time with Jesus, today.


As I went into this place of Intimacy with Him, suddenly, I no longer saw our bodies but I saw life. I saw blood. I saw it rushing and flowing. I felt the anger. I felt the toxins that were flowing through me, but then I felt His glory come rushing through it. It was His blood mixing with mine. In this place of rushing life, it was like a fire that cleansed every bit of impurity. With this fire came a release of every bit of heartache and doubt. Suddenly peace came to my thoughts in the midst of the flow of blood around me and my attention was turned from the blood to the sound I heard. It was the sound of my heart beating, but yet there was another heartbeat. It was His Heart.

In this endless rhapsody of beautiful rhythms of grace beating to the song of intimacy. My heart slowed to a place of rest with His heartbeat. As it did it was as if the blood moved steadily. This blood, this blood, it speaks a better word than anything else. It speaks life, it speaks joy, it speaks history, it speaks of change, it speaks a mystery. It speaks of my Savior’s unending grace. His life blood mingled with mine. Changing rearranging and moving me to a place of complete peace and trust in Him. No need to fight, no need to run, but to stay and watch His glory be revealed in the midst of the hardest day, in the midst of the best day. Your glory is revealed in this place of intimacy. Jesus, how I love your beautiful mystery of flowing love. It is the heartbeat, it is intimacy, it is freedom to say that I am yours and you are mine. Nothing was hidden, nothing broken but totally captured in love. Your words come in the blood they are like beautiful whispers and songs that flow in the sound of our hearts beating in unity.


“Come my beloved to the place where life begins. Come and see my goodness and the flow that takes away your sins. I have given you freedom and I have given you wings. Do not be afraid to use them to rest in this place of intimacy. In the place of struggle, I will always set before you victory. It may not come in words but in a place of strategy and direction in where to travel. Do not be afraid when the enemy comes to press in. For it is in this place, that I am building greatness. You will fight with my love and glory and you will win. Do not listen to the words this world may bring but rather look at me and see the purposes of what we can bring. For greater are the plans of heaven than those of earth. So when things seem shattered, I am shaking the Heavens into the earth. Do not be frightened by the darkness you see, but look at the light that you carry and uncover it for the whole world to see. For the darkness cannot stand in the light and my glory will reveal the destiny that was once hidden in the night. As it is uncovered and as the chains are undone. My Children will see my Goodness and Victory will be won.”

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  1. Beautiful, thank you for sharing from a place of true intimacy. I know this place you speak of, it is powerful and life changing. His Blood and His Love have changed everything for us.

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