The Heaven’s Declare- Christmas 2020

Something interesting to think about. Back in the time when Jesus was born into this world, they didn’t have clocks or calendars or gps like we did. The way they told time, seasons, and location was through the stars and the alignment of planets and the sun and moon. In that time it wasn’t called the Mazzaroth. Although now, people consider read the stars astrology. In those days it was part of getting from one town to another as well as knowing where or when things were coming.

Interesting fact: Daniel (The one that hung out in a lions den) was considered a Magi. The magi were considered magicians, soothsayers, astrologers, and fortune tellers. He was originally not there by choice, but taken to Persia as a captive to be raised as a Magi. Yet in the midst of his captivity he chose to follow God and obey his commands. Daniel was able to from his personal relationship with God understand the kings dreams as well as the Mazzaroth and prophecy with such accuracy that none of the other magi could achieve. Because of his ability to do this he became the head of the Magi in his day and he prophecied using the message in the Mazzaroth the coming of the King of Kings. Jesus!

Fast forward several centuries to the time Jesus was born, the magi with the ones who came from the East. They knew of the prophecy of His birth. They followed the star which proclaimed his birth to the place he was born. These were not a bunch of elders from your local church who came to see Jesus. These were the astrologers and magicians of their day. Yet God has a powerful message of hope that was written in the stars and still is there for us today. It isn’t in your latest horoscope pages. It isn’t in going to your local fortune teller. It is the King of King himself. It says that all man will come to him. Every knee shall bow and tongue confess that He is Lord. You see in the midst of great anxiety of there day, there was hope and it was written in the stars. His name is Jesus. In the midst of the anxieties of these days, we have the same hope, Jesus.

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