Book of Forgotten Dreams

Do you remember those childhood dreams? Looking up into the stars and dreaming of being a pirate, a sailor, a rock star, a movie star, a princess in her castle being rescued by prince charming, a doctor, or maybe the next president of the United States. How often our dreams are dashed or forgotten as we... Continue Reading →

Touched by Prayer Interview 

Please join us Tuesday, May 9, 2017 at 8pm EST to join my friend Lisa Perna and I on Touched by Prayer. We will talk about Hope and how is waiting for us. Touch by Prayer Facebook Announcement Touched by Prayer Website

This is the updated link to the interview I did last week with my friend Michael Basham. We had a great time talking about How God can use us to not just redeem people and this earth but ALL of His creation:  Spiritwars Radio Interview Michael Basham and MysticMamaStorm  

Bold and Feisty

I realize how strong willed I can be. I like to push boundaries even heavenly ones. I so wanted to see something go further than what Papa had plans for it to do at this time. So I tried to do something to make it look better. It ended up backfiring and messing up the... Continue Reading →

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