Healing through His Embrace

Sometimes miracles are big and amazing. I know my Jesus still does them. I have seen them in my own life and others while praying and ministering to others. I have heard a story of a friends 4 year old daughter who fell from a second story sound booth and broke her neck and died (no heartbeat or pulse or breathing. The church began to pray for her and lay hands on her and she came back to life with absolutely no injuries. He is a powerful savior.

Yet more recently God has been showing me how he works powerfully in ways that can easily be missed but yet are just as beautiful and powerful.

This Sunday night, I was helping to bath a few miniature horses. One just was not going to get into the wash bay and I literally had to turn circles to get her in along with a lot of leaning into her hind quarters to get her to scoot in. While doing that, I managed to twist my knee that has been sensitive from a previous injury and it cracked so loud my kids heart it and it was followed by me handing her to my kids and hoping off yelling a few obscenities in my reaction to the radiating pain that went up my knee.

As I continued to walk it out the pain subsided but I had done this before and was familiar to how it would be fine that day but then typically the next few weeks would be rough because of the swelling. The next morning I woke up to the swelling and throbbing and pushed through it to see my girls enjoy their memorial day parade which was a blast despite me having to sit and watch.

The day after, I realized it was really bothering me when I woke up through the night. When I started to wake up in the morning, I had a sense from the Lord I was supposed to pay attention to the place where I was hurting and instead of commanding the pain to go, to invite Jesus to meet me there. So I did. I focused for a little bit where the pain was and instead of trying to get my mind off it, I embraced it and ask Jesus to meet me where it was and I could feel Jesus come and even my own awareness of it kind of hug it. I then took time and blessed my body and my knee and thanked my body for doing what it was created to do. I blessed the healing process God created my body to do. I blessed the swelling and the blood vessels to continue to do what they needed and I asked Jesus to embrace and remove the trauma connected to the original injury.

What I noticed almost immediately was that it no longer hurt (I could still feel the swelling) but it wasn’t painful. I also noticed by the end of the day my walking was almost completely back to normal.

What if healing can look like this, at times. Instead of us expecting our pain and wounds to just be removed, we come like a child to our loving heavenly Father who kisses our boo boos, hugs us when we hurt, and we discover those booboos dont really hurt as much anymore because suddenly our attention is drawn to his embrace instead of the pain. What if we bless our lives to heal and don’t put expectations on it but rather on resting in His embrace. What if even after it doesn’t hurt, there still is some time to heal and for our spirit, soul, and body still can need a process to work out the details yet we don’t do it alone we do it with a loving Father who comforts us and embraces us when it hurts the most.

I have had times where my healing has taken years. Not because Jesus couldn’t heal immediately, but because my body, soul, and spirit needs time and He remained present, loved, listen, saw, and embraced me through it all.

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