Babies and Books Dream

Last night I had a dream. I feel it is very relevant to current events and what God is speaking to me personally about my part to play in this season. I remember I was surrounded by people I knew from the Harrisburg area. Many were mothers and fathers of children like myself. Suddenly we were being given other children who were orphans. In the dream my own children were still infants and so were the children that were their with us. Many were desperately hungry and I knew they needed to eat. So I began nursing them knowing it was important for their survival.

The second part of the dream I remember was that I was given books for the children. The schools had been trying to clean the books but they had been using toxic chemicals. I had a sense the people’s intent was to use the chemicals to erase and change the content of the books. I believe these books represented both the stories of these children, my own children, as well as our history and future as a nation. I had gotten the books but I sensed the books had become toxic. Not because they were successful at changing them but because of the chemicals that were using on them. I remember some of the other families not even wanting to touch the books because they were toxic, yet I got some warm soapy water and began wiping the books like they were furniture and cleaning each page and seeing them come clean. I sensed it was important to not throw these books out but to keep reading them to the children.

So I have a sense of what these dreams mean, as it’s pretty clear, but would love to hear the thoughts of any of my prophetic friends.

I truly believe this is a call for the mothers and fathers in this season for our own children as well as those who may be coming to us.

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