Lady Justice – No Stone Unturned Vision

I wanted to share what happened when I began praying yesterday evening for our nation after feeling anger and frustration towards our situation as a nation and more specifically our state. As I turned my attention to the Lord, I saw blood being poured out on our land. Normally this would alarm me as something bad but when I looked up I saw it was Jesus that was doing the pouring and the blood was his blood. I got a sense this blood was to cleanse our land and break every curse that had been poured out on us.

When people think of curses, they often think of a little woman with a broomstick and a pot… but this isn’t what I am talking about. Curses are an agreement with a plan or a purpose that is set and spoken over places, people, time, and things.. It can be done unknowingly through our words and it can be done with purpose in degrees, contracts, religious and occult rituals, and in organizations and businesses when men come into agreement with the corrupt and evil plans through manipulation or through willful agreement.

As this blood was poured out, I felt released to repent on behalf of our nation for every curse and plan that raised itself up against God’s desire for our nation. And for His blood to expose every lie and to release truth, peace, and healing across our land and its people.

As I continued to pray, a figure of a Viking woman warrior with a sword and eyes of angry fire came walking towards me. She reminded me of the Statue of Liberty in size but I had a sense that this woman represented a vengeful justice rather then liberty. Her anger towards my actions was evident when I immediately felt great pain in my chest and head as she stared at me and came towards me. Knowing I needed help and this woman needed it too, I turned to Jesus, as my friend and I prayed. We were able to get the pain to cease.

We continued to pray and began to release the light and love of God towards her. We saw the Father come and expose and separate the dark large entity and many unclean spirits from her and suddenly the woman who looked like the size of the Statue of Liberty was now the same size as me and her countenance changed to peace.

I also noticed that our location had changed. Although I knew we were in a farmers field in Pennsylvania, I also sensed our location interfacing with heaven,. Like heaven was now intermixed with this place on earth and we where in both places at once.

This woman was no longer angry but full of love and hope and the Father God with great love was talking about what was before her. I noticed as this happened, that I began the seeing the vision from her eyes. There were these rocks on the ground. These rocks look like they had been there for a long time. Smooth, worn, and small in stature but yet they represented something ancient that had been on the land for a long time.

I heard the Lord say, “Not one stone will be left unturned” and “its time to turn the tide”. As he said this she began to turn the rocks over and change the rocks placement and position. You see these stones represented curses over our time and land that had been spoken into our land for this time. I believe the place may have been an actual place where rituals had taken place and those rocks where actually from a physical place. I sensed as she began to turn these rocks over we were changing something with time and direction. The plans were no longer positioned the way man and these entities had left them but the way God wanted them to be. You see when the Father had spoken about turning the stones and the tide, she turned these stones over and repositioned them. In exposing the undersides of these rocks, what was reveals was the hiding places of bugs and critters and dirt and dust that was exposed to the Light and glory of God and they all fled because they couldn’t handle it. Yet it was too late because they were clearly seen and they no longer could hide or stay because God’s presence was in that place.

I truly believe this is what is happening right now. Corruption is being exposed by the Glory of God and no stone of corruption will be left unturned. We will no longer be manipulated by the plans of the corrupt but God’s justice and plans will prevail in this hour. This is my declaration over Pennsylvania and this nation.

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  1. This goes along with something God was reminding me of..I’d heard about the super moon which just passed where the witches all planned to use that time to do a gathering across the planet to do a mutual cursing..against anything that was against them and especially POTUS..etc..I knew I needed to do something and wanted to go to that place where some of them were doing it..but I heard that I could blow my shofar over it so I did..

    During this entire episode I was being reminded of something a friend and I did at a Rainbow gathering in the early 2000’s when there was going to be a conjunction of two planets..Due to all the rain that year, all the other camp spots were flooded so the gathering was in the same place as the year before..which never ever happens..When I got there my friend told me about the unusually high level of witches who were at the gathering and the strange things they were doing around her kitchen..

    We watched a witch go to a clearing nearby and found in the center was a small pile of rocks and a talisman..We also noticed that there were two sets of trees with limbs shaped like slingshots, lined up with each other..We talked with other of our friends and they told us a rock circle..We went to it walked around it and anointed all the rocks with oil..Then we felt led to seek out the other 3 points of the compass in the camp and where we found more slingshot shaped trees with similar small piles of rocks and talismans..Later, our friends told us the rock circle had been dismantled..We went to see what had been done to it..We found it piled into a couple piles near the children’s camp..We anointed them..Later, those rocks were taken back and placed back in the circle..We anointed them again..I now understand what they were doing..They were involving the children in their demonic activities..We’d been told about the conjunction and knew the witches had gathered to participate..

    As we discussed this with God He revealed to us that this was during the time that the demon of camelot..Jesus substitute..had been released on the earth out of UK..and the witches whom we realized as we kept falling over them all over the camp were from all over the world..had gathered to usher in a much higher more powerful level of witchcraft on the earth..God showed us even though the witches would still go through with what they’d come to do..what we had done had neutralized their efforts..One of the witches I encountered in the camp looked like a school teacher and spoke with an English accent..God told me she was the high level witch and she was the one in charge of the witches gathering..From the way she was treated I could see she was well respected by the other witches..and they don’t normally respect anyone..Right after the conjunction when we woke up the next day almost all of the witches were already gone

    This was what I was being reminded of as I blew my shofar..And I was also understanding I wasn’t the only one doing something…So I know we broke their intent again..And the wonderful thing is for their curses to have the fullest power they must do it in specific special times..and that passed

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    1. So cool. Yeah. When I had this encounter and was praying was that night. I sensed strongly a need to pray for our nation and land. Rocks and trees are a big in rituals… mainly because they hold memory and also they hold energy. Something powerful God has called us to redeem. Romans 8… all creation is longing for mature sons and daughter to set it free from the sins of man. We are part of its redemption


  2. Very encouraging! I shall pass this on and continue to seek how Jesus wants me to stand against this.
    In Hawaii when we lived there we began to understand and see this spiritual battle ground more clearly. We had started to ask the Holy Spirit to reveal and remove all lies and deception from us. We had NO idea how far reaching that would go. Some interesting things began to happen. One day we woke up to seeing dead pigeons lined up across the street. So I said what I knew to “forgive any curse or assignment attached to them and set those who did it at the feet of Jesus. That was all we knew to do. Then I threw them in the ocean.
    We are still learning. Another time I was asking the Holy Spirit why it was not just simple as it was for Jesus to heal. Why so many times we or others would pray and see no healing or freedom from demonic forces. I heard “devil doesn’t fight fair”. When I then asked how I heard “if they can’t hear the name of Jesus, it will have no effect”. So now I try to remember to open all ears in every realm to hear what I say and pray in the name of Jesus….then continue.
    Have definitely seen piles of rocks…. will keep this in mind when I do.
    Again, thank you!

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