The Unseen Power of Prayer

So many of us go through seasons where we feel like we have prayed or even gone after things in prayer, and to put in plainly, it looks like it has either gotten worse or like nothing has happened to the outside world. Yet God longs to give us his perspective of those areas where we are longing for breakthrough. Sometimes the best way we can overcome these hurtles of hopelessness is to get an inside perspective from our Heavenly Father. This is a little bit of my prayer time this morning with the Father and how he revealed what is happening to me in the unseen realms of my life and our world. I hope it encourages others to take a deeper look from the perspective of the Father’s arms.


Here I am again, Father, feeling that longing to write and go on adventures with you again. It’s been a while since I have felt this longing, so I know it’s you. Yet my heart has been so broken and hopeless. As I sit here I don’t know what to say. So I just sit here and rest with you and ask you Papa, “What is on your heart?” I don’t want my words… I want to hear your thoughts once again. Help me to sit quietly and listen and see what you are doing.

Looking up at you I see you smiling at me once again. Yet you have never stopped smiling at me. My eyes have been struggling to see you smiling at me. Looking at you I find a little bit of joy once again. Sitting here with my coffee I see you sitting with me. The aroma of my coffee mixed with just the feeling of you being next to me warms my heart and my senses. Daddy, I don’t know how to move forward. I don’t know what is next, but honestly, that isn’t why I am longing for this time. I just want to enjoy your presence. Your presence has the power to heal us more deeply than anything else. Thank you for healing my soul.

My heart’s desire isn’t to know what is next but to know what you are doing right here, right now, in this moment. Papa, what are you doing? What am I doing with you? No more hiding. I want to see you fully, to know what you are doing and what we are doing together.

“Are you ready to see…. Come with me. Let’s go to the place where you are hidden from the world around you. Let me show you how things look from my perspective.”

In that moment, I found myself like a little child sitting on his arms being held by Him. I was taken into a place where I was no longer seen by anyone but him. I was hidden by his greatness and it was like a warm blanket around me. I was no longer afraid of the darkness that had once surrounded me but completely at peace here. Yet, as I looked around, I saw a land that was filled with something that looked like trees. The trees were filled with dark metallic pieces of technology. I realized the metal parts of the trees were not even something God created but they were something that was manipulated by man. Each one represented something in this world that was once beautiful but now had been twisted to look like a machine. My heart felt sadness and shame because I knew these things were what dwelled in the unseen of my world. Yet as I looked to the Father I saw no shame or anger, but a desire for change. Slowly, I saw the moments pour out before me of the last several years of work I had done in the secret place. The moments of praying and even of pain. The moments of crying out for change. As this happened, I saw one by one these tree’s being dismantled into something different. Slowly what came up was his trees of life once again. The earthly distortions began to shatter and break apart, yet His creation remained beautiful and set apart. Each one was a sight to behold. For there were children and old ones, hand in hand, holding onto God and man. They looked at each other, not in anger but in honor of what now was left to stand. They were trees of healing. It was life once again.

The darkness of this world was slowly shattering, and in its place was His goodness once again. I looked to my left and there stood my family, young and old. From early on to future, they stood there. Looking at this landscape before me, it was not just humans, but creatures and principalities and powers. Things in the heaven and things in the earth all together were working in this place. The ones wrapped in darkness were slowly peeling away. As I looked at them, my heart still felt safe. I didn’t see the ugliness of the darkness anymore. I saw the truth of what was there before. I looked at the powers that were looking for greed and fear… yet my fear wasn’t there to feed their plans for power anymore. I looked at them and I still had joy, no longer shame.

Papa, looking at this, what should we do?

“Hold on to me, and I will reveal the truth. Darkness does still consume the souls of many inside, yet my light, love, and truth, brings the grace you need to abide and redeem creation back to life. Come stay with me, each one in there own time. Look at me and see there is great joy at my side. I am preparing the ground, and slowly the darkness is fading away. Do not be afraid. In me you will always have a place to stay. I know it’s hard to believe this is almost over. The more you fight through this….The faster the battles will be over. Look at me and see that my goodness is going to begin to flow in ways that will heal every place of sorrow.

As I looked before us into the unseen realm of this world and my life. where I saw the distortion and darkness of the enemy… I began to see His true life.

“Do not be afraid of the darkness you see inside. My arms are stronger, and my grace will help you to abide.”

Father why do I feel like these words are all fake. I don’t understand it, but I want you to show me the way.

Look at me daughter and try not to form the words. Let them flow from me for you… I know what you have heard. Look closer into my eyes and see. There is a great victory beyond what you can see. Many have questioned the things you are walking through. They don’t know the whole story and they don’t know how to see you through. Yet here is the thing you must remember. It is not their job to fix you or make you better. I have given you the strategies that you very much need for this time. So trust in me and let me cover you in front and behind. Some look from outside and see the shadows of your pain, but I look at you and see the victory that has come and the light that has room to stay. Do not be afraid of the uncertainties of tomorrow. I have given you what you need and I will give you rest to know there is joy beyond your sorrow.

Can you look to the little ones who hold you in great esteem. I know it has been hard to not worry about what tomorrow might bring. Do not pay attention to the things that are tough, but see what I am doing and know that I am always enough. They will grow beyond the sorrow and pain. Your ability to find joy and love in the midst of the struggles will help them to find the same. So do not be afraid to stand for what you think is right. Do not be afraid to walk things out, in the midst of any fight. I have given you the strength to reach a great victory and with it comes freedom for not just you, but your entire family. “

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