Last night I was tired and found myself mindlessly playing a game on my phone as someone at home came and sat near me and began talking to me. I responded, but for a while didn’t look up. At one point, something drew me to look up. When I did, I saw that the person had their attention fully on me. When I looked at their smile and eyes looking at me, deep affectionate love struck me deep inside. I put my phone down and had a great conversation with them.

This morning as I drove home, the Lord reminded me of that moment last night. I felt the question being asked: What was it about that moment that struck me so deeply?

It was the feeling of being genuinely loved and cared about.

Suddenly I saw myself back in that moment and when I looked, it was Jesus looking at me. His burning eyes of love were on me and he genuinely longed to sit and talk with me. Feeling his deep love and joy, my attention was drawn fully to him.

His eyes and attention are fully on you. Look up and see his loving eyes are on you! He cares so greatly for you and what you have to say.

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