His Consuming Fire

After dealing with waking up under some heavy attack yesterday, The Lord drew me to go sit by the water that the retreat center I am staying at and get quiet with Him. I was still shaken inside by a not so pleasant attack while I was napping. This was my encounter with the Lord that helped to bring peace and stability to me.

Papa, My heart is happy just resting in this place with you. So much of me gets frightened right now, but I find safety at the same time knowing you are here. I step into a place of peace with you. My spirit and parts of my soul come and rest with you. A young part of me, Precious, comes running up to you and climbs into your arms cause it is there she feels safe. I speak to the angel Safety and I ask that for him to go remove anything that is causing these attacks. Pushing back the darkness that is trying to pull me down into the realm of fear and death. I step into your realm Father, cause there is perfect peace here.

I can feel your goodness coming and releasing peace. You take my hand and we walk in this place in heaven along the water and life is stirring from beneath the surface. I find joy in just seeing this because I realize that it is coming alive with dances and ripples because of our presence. It knows we are there.

“My Daughter do you see that it responds to you just as much as me. Your response to it changes everything. There is an exchange, this isn’t just true here in heaven but also on the earth. Creation is responding to you. Both the seen and the unseen. It isn’t responding to your physical presence only but also to what it feels from you. You carry my glory but you also carry pain and fear. I don’t want you to hide these things, but I also don’t want that pain and fear to effect how things respond to you.”

“So Daddy, what do I do so it doesn’t respond to these things?”

“Let it be consumed by that flame that is inside of you. This flame is my presence and love for you burning and responding to your love for me. Your Love fans the flames. Bring it to me. Will you allow me to burn away the fear and pain right now?”

“Yes, take it all. It hurts so bad and this fear has parts of me in places of not knowing how to respond.”

“Little ones and all those who are holding this pain and fear, I invite you to come to the fire. Come and let me consume what hurts you. This flame will not hurt you it will only remove the stuff that causes pain.”

Many came and walked into the fire and the flames removed the pain and fear and they were restored and healed. Some of the little ones came but were afraid of the fire, so Father offered to consume it for them. As they would hold onto Him I could see the flame come around them, yet they only felt the warmth of His loving hug. Slowly, one by one, they found themselves standing in a place of joy once again. Even as darkness tremble outside, as their hearts were at a place of holding only joy and love. The darkness could only bow it’s knee in submission to the light of God’s presence in them.

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  1. Amen, sis. I just finished watching / listening to Sid Roth’s interview with Henry Gruver. It encouraged me greatly and so does this post of yours. I think you’d enjoy that interview – Henry is a true veteran of life in the spirit and spiritual warfare.


  2. I can relate to being attacked while falling asleep during a nap or at bed time. Its as if there is a window or sliver of an opening that the enemy waits to get through in the twilight area of unconsciousness. I’m learning to stay awake while still in a prayerful or meditation. I have noticed the enemy tries subtle things first before he comes on heavily. Praying with persistence and confessing who I am in Christ seems to cause the oppression to lift. I pray for more discernment and the peace that passes all understanding.

    Thank you for your encouraging post

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