Exploring the Fabric of Time

A few weeks ago the Lord began speaking to me about Timelines and DNA. During this time, I began feeling like in the night He took me into these dreams and even journey’s where I saw time from a different perspective. I didn’t completely understand it and I have trouble putting it into words. However, this is the beauty of the mysteries of God. God’s word says He has set eternity in our hearts, yet we will not know the beginning from the end. It’s a beautiful mystery!

So many people are afraid of things they don’t understand.  They fear falling into deception or going into something that will cause a person to move away from a relationship with God. However, I have learned that these encounters are not about going someplace unusual. These encounters and revelation come out of desire to draw closer to God and It is from that places of intimacy that He desires to teach us and cause us to grow. These encounters and mysteries are not just about going ohhh awwww… it is about growing in our understanding and authority to see healing, freedom, and redemption come to whatever and whomever God opens the doors for me to minister to.

He is teaching me and helping me to an understand how to function differently within the fabric of time. This came through several encounters and dreams.


The first time was a dream where I was being sent on an assignment with a few other people to study the Fabric of Time. We were set to this planet that was like an outpost that seemed like a dead planet. There were a few buildings but no signs of life outside of the few buildings and the people who were within those buildings. A woman who looked like this beautiful Spanish women came with a large basket filled with fabrics. Many of the Fabrics were filled with beautiful colors, patterns, and intricate designs that looked as if they had taken hours upon hours to be handwoven together. There were a few that were also very plain and almost resembled a rumpled bedsheet as well as one that looked like it was made out of rough and not so pretty material.

The women handed me one that was a deep wine color that had beautiful patterns of golden geometric designs. As I place the fabric over me I could see beyond what I could see before. Things were clearly visible and I could also see something that was not visible to the naked eye. Suddenly I was seeing more buildings new and old. She then handed me another fabric. As I placed that over the other one suddenly I was also seeing vegetation. The planet was no longer dead but filled with life. There were fields of wheat and other plants, there were trees, and plant-life all around me. I was shocked by the beauty I had not seen before and became even more excited to see what else was hidden. I almost felt like Ironman where a super high-tech mask, except these fabrics, was even better. Another fabric revealed beings and humans that I didn’t see before. There were also ones that revealed heavenly dimensions, where I could see the angelic as well as the demonic. One even revealed emotion and energy that was moving from one person to another. Suddenly I felt as if I was becoming overwhelmed by the information and in my dream felt like I was becoming overloading by all the information that was coming to me. I began removing some of the Fabrics and the women indicated that it was not safe to wear too many at one time.

I then began sorting the fabrics by what they revealed. I also got a perception that none of these fabrics were evil or bad. They were all something created by God, however, they also had to be stewarded well.

As I woke from this dream I remember feeling like for several days in my quiet time my spirit was moving at such a quick rate I couldn’t process everything I was hearing coming from the Lord and my spirit. It was like waking up to a conversation that was so intricate and so deep that you were not sure how to process it so you just kind of let it happen even though you had no idea how to understand it. I even found it was like my dreams for several nights were filled with conversations and journeys that I didn’t understand or even completely remember. I just remember feeling like things were coming so fast, I thought I am either going delirious or I am about to catch up in a big way to what is happening.

The interesting thing that happened during this time was during the daytime as I did some of my spirit-led inner healing sessions I found Holy Spirit leading me to begin to bring healing and redemption to time and timelines. I quickly realized that although my Mind couldn’t completely understand what had happened, my spirit did.


A few days later I had another dream where the Lord was taking myself and some of my friends on a Skyride tour of the fabric of time. In this dream, the Fabrics were more like pavilion tents (like you would see at an outdoor fair). As we would come over each tent suddenly we could see in the spirit what was going on inside. One was like an African orphanage that was filled with infants that were not being cared for properly. The second was an inner-city Catholic school where the children were being physical abuse. Another tent was a graduation ceremony for a school of ministry where I was graduating. Then the final place was a room where all my friends were and the room had cages filled with fluffy puppies and kitties that kept escaping and the cages fell apart every time I touched the cage which would in-turn cause a whole uproar of laughter from my friends as I was trying to fix the cages and capture the cats. Later the Lord showed me those kitties and puppies was God’s presence and the cages represented what happens when I touch religious boxes. They fall apart. Haha

In every tent, there was something that made me want to come to action or revealed that I was taking action. What was significant was in each place I visited I saw potential and opportunity. Some of these things were in the past, but some of these things were in the future. I had a sense that the orphanage was something from the past, but yet it was connected to our current time as well. In each place that something was revealed I saw potential and opportunity to participate with God in bringing life, healing, and redemption.

The interesting part of this entire journey of time has been that although I have not completely understood some of the things God has been showing me, I have been discovering that when I am praying for people and even my own life, I have been lead to work on restoring and redeeming situations and areas where time is involved.


I even recently have prayed for people where there have been parts of them who have been caught in looping of time where a traumatic event from there past was happening over and over again for a part keeping them in a place of brokenness or even torment. I have actually seen the Lord go into that situation and break the cycle by cutting what looked like a loop where he came and resolved the situation by bringing peace to the part of the person who was suffering.

(This is shared with Permission) I recently prayed for a friend and saw a picture of several parts of her weaving what was like the fabric of her timeline. Each of the fabrics that were being woven represented things like Rest, Revelation, Teaching, Relationships, Memories, Dreams, and Emotions.  It was beautiful and intricate however something was out of order and some of the patterns had become broken. It was also causing an internal struggle between parts of her. I then saw Jesus come and meet with each part and bring the truth and restoration. In some cases, parts were carrying wonderful understandings and teachings that they were trying to weave together but there was just something not right.

Jesus asked for her to give those teachings to Him (they each looked like a different colored thread) so that he could bring them into order. He revealed that what she was given was all good information but she was carrying so much of it and trying to understand it that it was causing confusion. When she gave it to Him, she sensed it was like a burden was being lifted. I then saw Jesus give her piece of this information back but He also had her weave it in between places of rest. The fabric that represented rest was like this beautiful soft lambswool. It was interested because she thought the rest was to be hidden underneath the fabric but the Lord revealed that it was supposed to be part of the pattern. As it came together the rest drew your attention because it was soft and beautiful and it was woven between the deep revelation and emotions. I love how sometimes God paints a picture of how healing and restoration can come.

What was also amazing about this picture was that I saw how the past was being interwoven with the present as well as the future. There were things God was placing in there that were like mysteries that were for the future but affect her past and present. We didn’t completely understand what they were, however, we knew they were blessings and moments in time that were present even though they had not occurred yet.

These are all very different views of time, but there is something very interesting about it. Time does not look like just a clock or a beginning or an end. Many in the church have had a very linear view of time and what God is doing. My understanding is that this has come from Greek theology and mindsets. However, Celtic Christians, look at time and what God is doing differently. I am learning time is not linear but Space and Time work hand-in-hand and what happens in the past affects our future and I also am coming to believe our future effects our present and past.

I love how in Ephesians 1:10 ESV it says, As a plan for the fullness of time, to unite all things in him, things in heaven and things on earth.” He is not talking about time as an end or a beginning but rather a fullness. What I would like to propose it that means when it is in order and restored. Also if you look at Ecclesiastes 3:11 ESV, “He has made everything beautiful in its time. Also, he has put eternity into man’s heart, yet so that he cannot find out what God has done from the beginning to the end.” It Jesus says in Revelation 22:13 ESV, “I am the Alpha and the Omega, the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End.” I believe in these scriptures that there is a deeper description of time. It isn’t about find an end or finding a beginning. It is about restoring the fullness of time. Restoring time to the fullness of what God has for it.

I am sharing these things because I believe that God is wanting to give us a bigger picture and understanding of Time. He is placing the fullness of time and eternity into our hearts and we have the ability to restore it and redeem it out of our relationship with Him I also believe He is wanting to move us from walking out an expectation of time is always going to be this way to working with God to restore and redeem it in our lives and the lives of those around us.



Journey4Freedom Spirit-Led Inner Healing by Susan Storm

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  1. Good post, it’s fun to think about all this. For some reason time has always fascinated me, even to the point that I’ve felt like I’ve woke up in different timelines. Then after reading this decided to watch a movie and there’s one on named Clockstoppers. Thanks for sharing what you were shown Susan.

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