Freeing Captives Sirius-ly Part 2

Isaiah 61 gives us a beautiful picture of how powerful God is and how He can use us to bring good news, healing, freedom, and redemption. This doesn’t just apply to things in the physical realm but also to things in the spiritual realms.

We have the finished work of Jesus that has given us the gift of freedom, healing, and redemption. However, many struggle continuously with issues and areas in their life that may still need the redemption of God. Often times this isn’t just a matter of a sin issue but deeply rooted areas where healing and sometimes a change in mindset it needed. The Bible says in Colossians 1:19-20, “For God was pleased to have all His fullness dwell in Him, and through Him to reconcile to Himself all things, whether things on earth or things in heaven, by making peace through the blood of His cross.” Jesus finished it but as we walk in a relationship with God, we are continuing to grow and discover areas where we need this gift of redemption.

When people experience this good news of freedom and realize the authority they carry to set others free, God can do some amazing things through them. Previously in my blog post: Freeing Captives Siriusly, I shared how God directed me to bring freedom to some captive parts of my own, as well as other human spirits that were with them in captivity. If you haven’t read it I highly recommend reading it before continuing on.

More recently, I have been learning and experiencing an increase of authority that is carried by people who come out of bondage to set captives free in the same area where they were captive. This could span from someone who is a Satanic Ritual Abuse survivor to someone who was set free from curses related to Freemasonry. It can also have to do with certain areas like cancer, rape, child abuse, or even human trafficking.

There was the time where Jesus took me under the White House to deal with the Freemasonry of our forefathers (Underground Whitehouse Redemption). I believe I was allowed to bring redemption in this area because of the Freemasonry in my family line. What was even more exciting was watching someone else who I was praying within a session do the exact same thing.

I share this testimony with Zach’s permission:


Zach is a real spirit warrior, who is just beginning to go through some inner healing and had experienced some freedom from Freemasonry in his family. Before we began praying I had asked God for some direction on how to pray. He showed me a picture of a guard dog that looked like the Egyptian god Anubis (this was demonic and related to Freemasonry) and a dark portal that he was guarding along with a pit of fire. The portal lead to the binary star Sirius (also a stronghold related to Freemasonry) where I had received understanding that it contained many captured parts of him as well as others in his family line. I also understood that the pit was a place where dreams and even some lost memories and parts in him. He had been fed a lie that if he attempted to try to pick up these dreams again or go after them that he would “burn in Hell.” After some time praying over some basic things, the Holy Spirit led Zach and me to remove this guard dog that looked like Anubis. As I went to this Dog he was snarling at me and didn’t want to go. I then began declaring a release of the sound of heaven towards this thing and it was like a bullet that was filled with the glory of God. It hit him causing a hole inside Anubis that actually sucked the entire demonic spirit up.

We then began working on the pit we saw. It was created with a lie that Zach had received from his earthly father about “His dreams sending him to hell.” Once he came out of agreement with this lie and allowed Jesus to speak the truth about this dreams, the “hell-like’ flames over the pit disappeared and the Glory-fire of God was released to burn away all the demonic or toxic things in the pit. I saw a part of Zach who was like a guardian begin pulling out so many beautiful dreams and even other hidden parts of himself that had been stuck in this pit. Some of them related to family and some related to seeing the things God was doing. There were also scrolls and items in this place too. One was a camera which God revealed meant He was giving him a photographic memory about the things God would show him in the spirit.

Jesus then began taking the dreams that Zach had pulled out of the pit and putting them together like a patchwork cloak that was like Josephs dream coat. It was made up of his dreams like patches and when he put it on it made him invisible to the enemy. Jesus then led him to go with him into the portal that the dog had been guarding. Instead of what I would expect to be a sword, Jesus gave him a drum and a shofar. As they stepped through the portal together they began walking down this path that led underground to what looked like an ancient pyramid. Walking into this great hall you could see the hieroglyphics on the wall. Included in these hieroglyphics was a picture of the god Anubis who was sacrificing children. My heart broke at the image but then I realized the children were captured parts of Zach as well as other people.

Jesus then told Zach to begin to beat on the drums. As he did the ground began to shake and the parts began to move and come alive on the wall. I saw the demonic come swirling towards the sound. Yet they couldn’t see Zach or Jesus but looked dumbfounded as to what was happening. Zach continued to pound the drum like going into war. The demonic panicked and fled that the sound and everything began to shake. Then I heard Jesus say, “Release the sound of Heaven.” As Zach blew the Shofar, it was like the children in the hieroglyphics fully awoke and we set free from their positions, running towards Zach and Jesus. What happened next was amazing. They began one by one jumping into the dream patches of Zach’s coat.

Zach continued to beat the drum as they went back through the portal. As Zach did this the entire structure of the pyramid began to crumble. Jesus removed the dark portal by releasing the Glory of God into it, causing it to disappear into itself. When the portal was gone behind it was a portal to heaven that they went into. This lead into the throne room in heaven.

Zach sat at the Father’s feet. The Father asked Zach for his dream coat and all it’s content so that he could restore these dreams and also the human spirits attached to it. Zach graciously handed him the coat. One by one the Father began removing the human spirits from the coat and they would turn from Hieroglyphic lines to a human spirit of an infant or child. Father would then kiss them gently, clothe them, and release them to angels for care and healing. Father took Zach’s dreams and began pulling them and stretching them out. Each dream the Father brought restoration and healing too.

After the session, Zach felt like a large burden had been taken off his shoulders and felt a lot of freedom. I am excited to continue to see healing in his life and to see how God continues to use him in the coming days to not just bring healing in his life but in many others.

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  1. Sue this is beautiful. I told you before I relate to parts of me being in bondage, (by the way you didn’t mention Sirius is the dog star LOL), and I know that Jesus can heal, deliver, set free, restore, etc, but at times I get discouraged at how I still fall into the same snares of the enemy, and then having to deal with the guilt, and taunts of the enemy to the effect that Papa YHWH and Yeshua, see me as a hopeless cause. I know the source of them, ( and I also refuse to give in to self pity that tries to take root – I speak to the adversary, and to Adonai Yeshua, and make it clear I blame no one but myself for any failures) and I do ask Adonai Yeshua to cleanse and restore me to the path He has for me to walk with Him. But I do thank Elohim for that which others are changed by Elohim’s intervention like Zach. After all we are to rejoice with them that rejoice.

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