Freeing Captives Sirius-ly

I want to share an encounter from several months ago. This encounter is not to scare you, and NOT TO encourage you to go there. Actually, I highly recommend you DO NOT go there unless God directs you to. The reason I share this story is that there are a few great lessons in it.

I have used this scripture many times but it is so important as it is a big part of what God has called me to do.

Isaiah 61 ESV:
The Spirit of the Lord God is upon me,
because the Lord has anointed me
to bring good news to the poor;[a]
he has sent me to bind up the brokenhearted,
to proclaim liberty to the captives,
and the opening of the prison to those who are bound

What I want to emphasize today is “Proclaim liberty to the captives.” God has given each of us a voice that can set captives free, break down prison walls, to bring the Presence of God and bring life.

Several months ago, I had been experiencing a lot of physical attacks of Migraines that left me struggling to function or do much. I asked the Lord for some insight, and he confirmed through several different people that I was experiencing attacks of witchcraft due to some of the intercession I had done breaking off curses over our nation that had to do with Freemasonry and also praying for someone who was a Satanic Ritual Abuse Survivor (SRA).

Orion_BeltWith this understanding, I asked the Lord for direction on how I could get free from this and also help with the situation. I had also asked others to pray, and several had seen a picture of us at the Binary star Sirius and legions of what looked like Angels that were actually demons standing in front of us. We didn’t engage, fight, or even talk to these demons, but rather our direction was to stand together over this place and observe. I also saw what looked like a large mountain that was a prison at its base and captured human spirit’s that were there and I felt like even some of them were parts of me. At the Top of the Mountain was a Temple where Human Spirits and other Beings were worshiping the Egyptian god Set. The sound they made was disturbing and caused confusion but also released a frequency that caused the doors to the prison to remain locked and everything around this place to be almost like in some physical pain and comatose.

Once I came out of this encounter both my friend and myself had received information from several people indicating that Sirius was related to Freemasonry and also witchcraft. It also had a lot of demonic control on people who have family members that were high-level Freemasons or even people who were Satanic Ritual Abuse Survivors. I was told by many to use great caution when dealing with anything in this place.

I was hesitant to step back into this encounter but asked Jesus what to do. The next thing I saw was us back at this same location, and I was on my ship Journey with Jesus, and I asked him, “What can we do? Are we supposed to fight this?” He responded that the battle was not mine to fight, but we were there to set the captives free.”

He then took my hand and asked me to come with Him. I realized that my ship Journey was completely hidden that the enemy could not see us. He then took me on top of the ship, and the ship was brought low to the surface of the star. Although we didn’t touch it, we just hovered above the surface, and I was instructed not to touch the star at all.

We came close to where the mountain was, and I could see closely that at the top of this place was a temple that was for the worship of the god Set. The sound weakened me, and I had to lean on Jesus to find strength. Then Jesus looked at me and said, you have a song that will set the captives free. He wanted me to release the song God had put in my heart.

So I began singing in the spirit. As I did, it was like Jesus’ presence magnified my voice and released a higher frequency that destroyed or canceled the sound/frequency coming from the temple. I saw it hit the frequency coming from them and it shattered the lower sound, and as I released it I saw that the surface of the temple began to shake, and the humans and other being in the temple ran away.

As the new sound echoed over the mountain, the prison broke open, and hundred’s of human spirits were set free to come aboard Journey as well as my friend’s ships. (Yes, that’s right, they have ships too. If you don’t get it, feel free to ask me about it or ask God.) Once they were all on board, I proclaimed healing over the parts that came on board and asked for God to send them to where they belong. I immediately felt peace and discovered within the day that the migraine headaches were no longer affecting me.

Many of us do not realize how often Physical, Emotional, or even spiritual issues can be related to areas in our own lives where through past generations or our family we have ties to things like Freemasonry or witchcraft that can often time cause problems.

AGAIN…I WARN YOU. DO NOT TRY GOING TO THESE PLACES WITHOUT DIRECTION FROM GOD OR ALONE. However, I do encourage you to ask Jesus for help and insight into issues you are struggling with and if you do have a history of freemasonry, abuse, or even just a traumatic childhood to ask for help. There are so many people who God is raising up to set the captives free. I also want to encourage you to be lead by the Lord. He is so good at bringing us to the right resources we need to find healing and freedom when we need it. The important thing to know is that we don’t have to live in bondage and that we never are meant to go about it alone. He wants to put people in our lives to help us. Below you will find some great resources for people, books, and podcasts that can help you in dealing with emotional issues as well as finding freedom from trauma, Depression, SRA, DID, and Freemasonry.

I believe the lesson in this is this. We each have something that God has put inside us. It is something powerful. For some it is a song, for some, it is an encouraging word. For some, it may be a book or even just a story. God has placed it there not just for you but for many.

I want to encourage you I am not telling you to go get a spaceship and go visit a star or go and talk to a tree. Rather, I want to encourage you to pursue God with all your heart and pay attention to what is happening around you and when something is heavy on your heart, or there is a situation that needs to be dealt with.


Ask God how you can participate in bringing freedom, healing, or even courage. Don’t do it my way, but do it the way God has created you to help with Him. We are not just servants; we are not just friends. You are a child of God, and you carry the Authority of the King to go and to be Isaiah 61 to those who need Jesus. You can bring the Kingdom of Heaven to this world in a way no one else can.



Spirit-Led Inner Healing by Susan Storm

De Balm Ministries by Diane Moyer

Praying Medic Podcasts about Healing, Fragments, and Emotional Healing

Matt Evans Blog on Fractured Parts Healing

Eating With The Enemy by Susan Storm

My Journey of Emotional Healing by Susan Storm

Photo by Yoann Boyer on Unsplash

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  1. Reblogged this on StarSword and commented:

    Very timely. I was just getting into some of this “extra-solar-prayer” with a new friend who is also very curious about how this all works. It sounds so sci-fi but the fact is, when you pray into this stuff, you see results. Bravo, Susan!! Let’s continue to Journey on Journey and use the Blade with the Blade and Trailblaze with the Trailblazer and more!!

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  2. Very timely. I was just getting into some of this “extra-solar-prayer” with a new friend who is also very curious about how this all works. It sounds so sci-fi but the fact is, when you pray into this stuff, you see results. Bravo, Susan!! Let’s continue to Journey on Journey and use the Blade with the Blade and Trailblaze with the Trailblazer and more!!

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