Journey into the Storm

Last night my encounter with God reminds me of the old hymn;

Let there be peace on earth, and let it begin in me

I have found this is often the case, God does a work in me and then through comes an opportunity to release something similar to someone or something else. There is so much going on in our world that we want to bring healing and restoration in. I have also seen this when it comes to areas where want to bring correction. Sometimes it comes first by allowing God to do a work in us first.  This was what happened last night when I felt in my spirit to pray about Hurricane Irma.

PEACE BE STILL ENCOUNTER – September 4, 2017

Jesus, I pull into you. It’s been a long week, and I know I am just longing for this time with you. There is no other place I would rather be than with you here. With you my King. Lead me. Direct me. Let me see beyond what I can do. For greater is your ways, then I can see or do. So I partner with you, and I see something great. It isn’t in my ability but rather in your ways. I look to the ocean, and I see a great big wave. It is coming towards us, and it needs to behave. I pull my heart towards you, and I say…What can I do? You release a memory before me it is of the moment you spoke to me about the water.

You have given us the ability to take dominion over the earth and the sea. To subdue it and restore it and renew it to what you want it to be.

As I took Jesus’ hand, he leads me into Journey. We moved into the place where I could see things very clearly. I sat next to Jesus, and we watched, and we wait. With great excitement. I moved my hands to where I could navigate. Looking at Jesus. I said tell me which way to go. He immediately pointed to the direction, and we hit the “road” (or air in this case).

Moving towards the storm, I could see the great heavy clouds growing. I could hear the current below us as the surf was growing. Gently, I heard the sound of Jesus’ voice to me, “Peace be still!” He said. And I thought oh that is all it needs.

Looking at me Jesus smiled, and he said that wasn’t for that storm. That was for the storm that is in you.” Looking at me He said, “I can see it in your eyes.” With this came the tears, which I fought back with my pride.

You see he can see right through me and he knows exactly where to begin. “You tricked me!” I said. Which he responded, with the words, “ I spoke the truth, and we have much to do, but first this storm must be stilled in you.” My words were plain and truthful, and the storm is both here and there. He pointed to my heart, and then he pointed to the air.

Realizing Jesus’ words were entirely truthful, I knew that there was much to do. Getting on my bravest warrior face, I said, “Ok Jesus, I am ready for whatever this is we must face.”

He Gently pulled me into His arms and said, “ I love your heart. You are full of courage, and you are very smart.” Gently He took my head and pulled me into His chest with eyes closed I began to see the storm inside of me from deep inside my chest. It was dark, and it was heavy, and it was revealed that there wasn’t much peace. Suddenly, everything inside my heart began to blow. It was like an extremely large whale was sitting there and ready to eat me whole. I saw with-in the cloud the silhouette of this big fish. It was coming at me with mouth open wide, and it was ready to make me His next dish.

late-stage-1431752_640 (1)

Jesus said, “are you willing to go to the belly of this stormy whale.” I said, “Sure yeah. Whatever you want me to do.” I said this but then realized that this wasn’t what I was thinking and this was pretty scary to see even with my spiritual eyes. As this cloudy whale came rushing at me. A bit of concern began to grow. Was there pain involved and would I be able to see beyond this shadow? Suddenly there was the sound of a large and terrible storm. It crashed and boomed and swallowed me, and with it, I was completely gone. I couldn’t see, and I couldn’t hear. All I could do was listen to the crashing sounds that wouldn’t let God’s glory through. I pulled my arms up to the storm, and I yell, PEACE BE STILL… Nothing happened except more loud noise, and with it, I began to groan. “Jesus, what do I do. How will I overcome?” I heard His voice gently whisper in my ear. “I am the calm in the storm.” JESUS, I NEED YOU! I yelled at the top of my lungs. Swiftly He pulled away the clouds of darkness and spoke peace to this storm.

Gently I felt the cloud disappear. With it, the noise was completely gone, and I could see Jesus standing at a gate. The gate appeared to be very heavy as it had been bolted for many years. I ask Jesus what was this; he said this was the area, where things have been lost. I have given you authority and the key to open it and restore at home those who are lost.

gili-benita-2751I went to the Gate and unlocked with the key, and pushed open the door. As I did, I heard the children crying that had been lost in captivity from long ago. As I opened up this gate, I began to call. Peace be still to all the parts and come home, for this is a safe place for you to dwell. Suddenly I saw the little children running through the door. Many were tired and hungry still. Many were longing for a place to call home. Gently they came and with it was great joy. As we fed them, I felt like I was more whole than before. I knew that these parts were lost in the casualty of war. This war was inside of me, and it turned into a storm.

As Jesus and I ministered to the children, who came to those who suffered. I saw Him clean them up and give them swords and banners and horses with wagons. I saw them growing with great excitement as they knew this was the beginning of a journey. In it was the smaller parts which have been hidden. Then I heard Jesus say. This is the tribe you have been given. They are part of you, but they are not all going to be integrated. These girls are going to be used to do a great work that I have given for you to do.

As I came to look at Jesus, I realized I was back on Journey. Sitting next to me were many parts of me including Blanka, Sara, and Katie. I also saw a few friends who have been praying with me. We stood real tall as I share what was about to happen. I knew that we had something to release. Looking to Jesus, I said, “what are we to do?” He said, there is something special that Papa has for you. Next thing I knew. Journey was in the throne room. As I stepped outside, I went before God, and he released a mandate that was for us all to hear. It was to speak to the wind and speak to the rain and speak to the water and the spirits it contains.

It also said that we each had a very important part to play. Some were to fight, and some were to sing, and some were to carry with them healing. Papa gave me a great large pole, but as I looked closer, I realized it was not just any pole. He also handed me something that looked like glasses but I realized with it I could see. Something that was super small but yet very importing.

Next, he handed to Ansley, I very large sword and to my friend Seneca, it was a formula for the water. It was to release a frequency that would give redemption to this specific water. I saw another part of me named Blanka coming towards the Father. She was strong and young but brave and still like a child. She saw Papa and climbed into His arms. She kissed his face, and He kissed her back with great charm. It was her that he gave something that I didn’t understand. It was a key that would unlock a door that was beyond what I could understand. He whispered to her some precise instructions, and with it, she became very excited. Then He looked at me and beaconed me indicated we were just about to get started. He came to me and sang a song in my ear. This song became a bit of a struggle for me to hear. Then he said, don’t be afraid. The song is inside of you. When it is time, you will know exactly what to do. As we came back together for the journey ahead. I could see a great big group of us were gathered. Provisions were given for us to travel and so no one would become tired from this storm. Suddenly we were back where we were before. This time ready and without fear. For great is our reward.

tim-marshall-61133I saw the waves were coming greater and greater still. As I saw the waves, I heard the song of peace be still. It was at first quiet like it was sung to me. Gently it played in my heart, and I knew that I was not ready to sing. As we came closer, the sounds below us began to roar. The sea and the skies shattered as we came towards the center of the storm. With it came a sound of the blowing of a horn. I looked a saw what was the form of a man. His anger seemed strong. He had a horn in his hand, and the sound it made shook everything around it causing the storm to grow. Coming close I asked the Lord what could we do. He said, release my Glory in the form of this song.

You were created to bring life to everything. I remind you with a song that you were created to carry the God’s Goodness, not anger or sorrow. The darkness has had its time, but God’s glory will cause you to shine. For I remind you of the moment when the Spirit of God hovered over you. In His full glory,
He looked at you, face to face and moved you to where you are today with purpose and grace. Your purpose is for Good, and I call you to a place where Peace is what you bring.
Peace be still oh wind and waves.
I declare His Glory over you!

This is His Song of Freedom, and this is His Song of Rest. You can carry His Voice for eternity, and a connection to Heaven is within God’s Breath. So Rest oh Wind and Waves. Redemption is Your from every curse that has been made. I speak life, and I speak love…Come and rest in God’s Love.

As I said this, I saw Journey fly low, and suddenly we enter into the sea that was below. As we moved below the waves, I could hear the call of those captured below the waves. The sound of crying below the sea. It was those who had been placed there by witchcraft and purposeful sacrifices to the sea. Gently we came to a place where a gate was shown.


Behind this gate were faint lights of many people. Crying out for justice and many had been placed there because of families curses. With Great excitement, Blanka Run to the Gate for She carried the key that would set these prisoner’s free. There was something demonic standing in the way. We bound them and chains and removed every curse that stood in the way. As Angels removed the darkness and Blanka came to the Door. Seneca released a frequency that destroyed the water’s power from holding people captive anymore. As the spirits of the captives go free. We could feel the freedom coming from this victory. Freedom was here, and it had come from the deep.

As we released it, we felt like the darkness was no longer facing this area of the deep. As we arose from the sea. I heard the song I released being sung from the sea. Now the song was not just contain but it was shout it with victory.

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  1. Sue did you see my memorium post at called Joy Mixed With Sorrow? My beloved wife Bernadette is now with Jesus


    1. Oh my goodness!!! I’m so sorry I missed it. I haven’t been on Facebook as of late.
      I am so sorry to hear this and about your loss. I will check it out. Praying for you and your family in this time.


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