Jesus and the Dream Factory

But Jesus said, “Let the children come to me. Don’t stop them! For the Kingdom of Heaven belongs to those who are like these children.” Matthew 19:14

My eight-year-old share with me about something Jesus show her on several occasions in dreams. She said the first time occurred around the time she gave her heart to Jesus about two years ago. She had been having nightmares, and we walked about Jesus taking away her fears and all the bad feelings and giving her good dreams. Apparently, this was the first time Jesus showed her the Dream Factory.

canstockphoto7887887She said when you walked in there were big white beautiful desks everywhere and the room was really big. At the desks, angels were about the job of writing what looked like books. The books had written on the left side and detailed pictures on the other side. The books were fun because you could flip through them and the images would come to life. She said, Jesus also had a desk, and His desk was at the end. Jesus took her over and showed her how he would write special dreams too to give to people.

Fully written dreams were taken to this long rail system that moved above the desks. The rail system contained hooks that carried for each person a clear box that had rounded corners and below it hung a unique jewel that represented each person. They also each had a monitor that you could watch the dreams that were taking place. The books turned into what was like liquid that filled the boxes. I didn’t fully understand it but either the angels would deliver the liquid to the person or when the liquid went into the box it was automatically received by the person.

Another fun thing she said was that at the end of the warehouse was a door that said, “Jesus Only.” Jesus told her this was the door only he would go through to go into someone’s dreams and be with them.

I would really like to visit this dream factory with Jesus sometime soon.

My oldest daughter has had some pretty amazing encounters with Jesus over these last two years. She has gone to heaven on several occasions and spent time with Jesus. Some of the occasions were funny like designing Jesus a new outfit and helping a heavenly chicken cross a road. I guess they have traffic in heaven.

She has also had some pretty powerful dreams. About a year ago when we first moved into our new home, Selah had several nightmares about a clown using a blanket to cover her friends and take them away. She had trouble getting the traumatic scene out of her memories. We prayed and then the one night the Lord told me to have her invite Him into the dream. That night she asked Him to come into her dreams and help her.

The next morning, she came running into my room with sheer delight. It was like it was Christmas and Jesus had just left her the best present. She said, “Mama! Mama! Jesus did it! He came in my dream last night!” She then proceeded to tell me that the dream started the same the clown came into her room and was scaring her with the blanket. She then saw Jesus come into her room and stand between her and the clown. Jesus took the blanket from the clown and threw it over the clown causing it to disappear. No more Clown. Only Jesus! After that, she didn’t have any more nightmares and had slept well since.

Watch out, folks! I believe my eight-year-old has many more experiences to come. Being with Jesus is AMAZING!

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  1. Love this post! I had many dreams at a very young age, and like your daughter, I had one reoccurring bad dream. The worst part was that it always ended up with me being completely paralyzed and being stung by a bee, where the stinging didn’t stop and I coudn’t do anything about it. It was too real.

    After maybe 2 weeks, I told my dad about it again (I had told my parents when it first started) and he seemed upset that it was still going on. He thought it had stopped.

    He prayed with me, and then we both sat down on the edge of my bed. He said that I could control my dreams, like a VCR . He said it might take practice, but keep trying. He told me, the next time I realized that I was dreaming, to start by trying to change something in the dream (a color, an item, the direction or speed that something was moving). Try to make something stop, speed up, slow down, or rewind… and then when it starts again, try to go a different direction.

    The nightmare came again that night, but after a few attempts, I was able to control it. I found that I could indeed control them like a VCR (DVR nowadays). I began having fun in my dreams, changing colors, swapping out one item for another, rewinding and reliving parts, or rewinding and creating a new ending altogether.

    I also was able to go back into any previous dream, anytime I wished… and I did. One place in particular, I would visit for years. I could build things in my dreams and they would be there for me the next time I went back to that place.

    Any problem I had in life, I could solve in my dreams. I could play out every solution, like a chess game, until I found one that worked. I did this all through my school years, college, my jobs, and even art and craft projects. This was my normal. It wasn’t until my late 20’s or early 30’s that I found out that this wasn’t normal for most people.

    After a hospital stay last year, I came home to find that ALL dreams had stopped for me. This was foreign to me. It was so odd, so completely unnatural, I started looking into to dreams. What I found made my heart drop down into my stomach and made me cry out to get them back.

    I found out that God talks to us in our dreams.

    I mean now, not just in bible times. I was devastated. I probably had been getting personal messages fom God all of my life, and I never knew it. It literally made me sick to my stomach. Even now, it still feels like a punch to the gut. I keep praying He will give me dreams and I have started a dream journal, to track the precious few I have recieved so far. It took over 3 months (maybe 4) for me to receive the first dream after the hospital stay. I have not had many, but I make sure to record the ones I do have (and remember).

    Shortly after the hospital stay, I started listening to Nancy Coen, Ian Clayton and Company of Burning Hearts. Listening? Ha! More like inhaling anything that I can get my hands on! Now, with all of the new Kingdom releases and people traveling in the spirit (both while awake and in dreams), I wonder how many of my dreams were just dreams… or if I am not dreaming as much because my spirit is busy doing other things.

    I think it is awesome that your daughter is having Jesus encounters in her dreams! How wonderful! I hope she is keeping a dream / encounter journal. You think you will *never* forget those dreams, or those encounters, but sometimes we do. The youth of today are seeing and doing things that I could not have fathomed being possible. If this how they are starting out in life, I can’t wait to see what God has for them next!!!

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