The Scrolls of Seeds-US and North Korea

Looking into the land and sky, I see much that needs set before our eyes. I see the differences, and I see the incomplete. I see the broken, and I see the discreet. I look at the oceans, and I look at the dry ground. I look at the wetlands, and I look at the high ground. I see the land to the east, and I see the places that want to be free. I see the brokenness that has caused no freedom to speak.

I look at the US where words flow too and fro. I see the brokenness, and I see the deception but yet freedom is still able to grow. These lands are so different, yet there is something that is still yet to be seen. The voices of freedom are silenced by those who want the truth to remain unseen. There are things in both lands that are broken and wrong but yet there is something I want to see removed. it is the darkness that is holding on so strong. I see great large pillars that are filling many cities. They say words like division, fear, death, doubt, loneliness, perversion, and corruption to name a few. These words bring shadow that cast very deep sorrow in our belief. People desire only justice, yet their hearts are scattered by the pain of their abuse, loneliness, corruption, and fears. They come with the hunger to be free and see them come to victory yet the solutions come from the very fears that breed corruption and leaves families desperate and on their knees. Longing to know the truth, freedom is just at their door. They strive to find peace, yet only find death standing there once more.


I look to Papa, and I ask what can we do. He hands me several scrolls that seem heavy, but yet in my heart, it’s fulfillment rings true. It is a plan to be implemented at the edge of every pillar that I had seen before. Inside the scroll are contained seeds of life that will bring healing to the earth and destroy what stands with a greatness of deceit. I see a picture of a king from the North of Korea. I saw his statue standing firm like these pillars yet made of glass. It looks so mighty it looks so strong, but yet with one sound his image would be gone. I open up the second scroll, and I see what must be done. The pillars must be broken, and freedom must be won. I gather all my friends, and on Journey, we go. With words and sounds in our hand’s seeds and water that will cause them to grow.

Going into our land, we plant the seeds of freedom under fear. Under words like corruption, the word truth is planted here. For each pillar, a seed is planted, and for each seed is a sound, living water is poured upon it releasing healing and life is planted in the ground. Our Feet to the ground and our hands in the dirt. We come up muddy but yet life is being born. Each seed isn’t just something that will grow green. It is a sound and message that is ready to be scene. The foundations of these pillars become unsteady and broken by the life that is coming from the ground beneath them. These seeds may be small, but they are strong and hardy. They cut through the pillars slicing them like a sword.


In the land of North Korea, these same pillars do grow…In this place, the silence is strong that fear has nowhere to go. It remains in every home and school, company, office, and store. Words like Freedom is corrupted by taking away the people’s voice and hope for anything more. I hear a sound that is underground, and it is calling for change. It is praying for help and for freedom to reign.

On the top is this glass statue along with missiles of war. Causing great fear to grow like weeds and thistles and thorns. Under the growth, the sound begins, but yet when it comes, the thorns bring pain and sores. Causing the silence to remain once more. Fear grows from the North and it bordering land. Seeing this king’s anger and not wanting to be destroyed at his hand. Deep inside the bound up land, the cry for help is raging. Calling out in the spirit to bring the sound of freedom to break every chain.

Suddenly I hear the call for us to go on Journey once more, I see the other scroll has more seeds of freedom to be grown. Before these seeds can be planted, we must find a way inside. I see a land just before it gates that have a way to travel there. From the neighboring Gates of the East, I see a bright new plan. It is a hidden passageway that gives us access to their land. We travel deep into the earth, and we find, many people gathered calling out for freedom from the North Side.

As we come, there are tears as they have been praying for many years. Handing them seeds of freedom and giving them waters for their land. We gather with them and begin planting them hand in hand. Digging upwards into the ground, we begin to plant every seed with great purpose as we intercede. As we do I hear a song in their language but in English, I sing along:

“Freedom is standing here at our Doors.
It is our Home, and We call our own once more.
No more Bondage and no more Chains
We are shouting for Freedom once again
We cry out loud, and we stand here strong
Believing we will be Free to Be Loved and still Belong.”

As this song broke forth below, we heard the sound of life beginning to grow roots that filled the ground and life came forth as the Seeds began to grow. As they grew above it was like a trumpet sound causing the statue to shatter to the ground. I hear the cry of victory and as it comes. God’s Glory Fire Burns away every weed that once did grow.


Suddenly, a new life begins to Grow and with it comes God’s Glory and Words of Life begin to flow. Our Eyes are Crying with happy tears for not only are the captives set free, but God’s Love has removed the darkness and fears. Freedom will reign once again, and Jesus will reign in the land. He has come as the King of Kings, and His Freedom will know no end.

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