The King’s Song-Healing from Rejection

I believe God gave me this not just as a personal journey, but also as an opportunity for you to come for you to experience, your heavenly Fathers’ song over you that will bring healing from all rejection and remind you of who you are. His Child!


My hands are shaky and my eyes are steady. As I step in with you, my whole life is ready.

I cannot contain this wonder inside,
for I am ready to be with you and in you and by your side.

My heart is wondering, deep within
it wonders what is true and how love can begin again. I don’t know how to contain
this longing to be with you deep inside, having nothing holding me from outside.

Just to sit with you my King and find this place of rest. To move into your goodness
and not be considered a mess.

For there are moments where my heart breaks with the sound of rejection and anger that comes from this earthly ground. I pull my eyes upwards and I turn to you again. Seeing your arms stretch out to draw me to heaven

In this place you look at me and nothing changes what you see. For the eyes of rejection never dwell here. Only your eyes longing for us to draw near.

As I press my face towards your, I can hear your deep deep breath and as you hold me close I can hear your heart beating in your chest. My heavy heart grows steady and slowly begins to rest as it comes in sync with your heartbeat and breath.

Gently you hold me and we sway too and fro. I begin to hear you humming a tune that, somehow I know. 

This song has never been sung on earth. For this song you sang to me before my birth. It reverberates in my ears and shakes away my every fear. Containing the frequency of your love that restores every fiber and wipes away my tears.

Suddenly, I see that I am beginning to glow with the radiance of your glory
contained in this song I know. As I look up into Your eyes I see a great big tear.
Gently wiping it away, I kiss your cheek
as I know you took my sorrows and fears.

Then you say to me with a gentle and calming voice:

“My child, I see and know you and I have given you a voice. Don’t be afraid when people reject you but come to me knowing I have given you a choice. For rejection will always come and go, but one thing remains, it is my love that will always grow.

Come lay the rejection down and you will find that my Love for you is stronger
and will heal every hurt inside. For I have given you the victory and I have given you the key. It is sitting in a place of intimacy with me. 

So arise, my daughter and know you are strong because my love dwells in you and in every song that is sung. So sing it out my love and you will see a new kingdom that is inside of me!”

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