America’s Invitation to the Cloud of Unknowing

 RECENTLY IN MY QUIET TIME with the Lord, I experienced this encounter/vision while writing. I believe although this was a very personal experience it is important and it has greater truth about what is happening in our nation as well. At the end of the vision, I will explain more.


Journey into the Cloud of Knowing-January 8, 2016

Jesus spoke to me,

“Let me lead you a new way and to a new place. Will you keep coming knowing it is different from before? Will you keep seeing for there is much more? I have something I want you to see that is deep inside me. Will you come with me?”  

AS I TAKE JESUS’ HAND, He leads me onto a boat. In the boat, we float down the river to a place at is unknown. The sun is shining before us as it lowers in the trees and with it shines His Glory that is great and full of life, joy, and peace. Sitting next to Jesus in this boat I feel such peace. I feel the safety of His embrace as His arm is around me and I lean into His side.

I ask, “Where are we going?”

He responds, “I am taking you into something that may seem like it is dark and hard to see, but are you willing to go there with me? I will alway lead you and keep you close. In the depth of this darkness is my goodness that you know. Darkness isn’t always evil you see. For it covers the fullness of our Father’s glory and brings nations to their knees. It can be called a Holy Terror or a place that causes people to tremble with fear but it contains His Goodness for those willing to move through it and draw near. Draw near with me my love and don’t be afraid of the fire. For in the midst of this you will be made new, whole, and full of my glory.

AS THE BOAT MOVES FORWARD there is a fog that seems to grow. With it comes a trembling that causes me to groan. I hold tightly onto Jesus knowing He holds me in the midst of my fear. For every bit of my unworthiness comes out in the heaviness I feel. I cry out to Jesus, “what can I do?” He holds me closely and assures me for every bit of His glory is so powerful and new. Slowly, we were surrounded by this heavy dark blanket it caused me to feel like I couldn’t move. I cling to Jesus not knowing how to take this.

As we came closer to the fire, God’s glory began to grow. I felt the shift in the atmosphere and could feel like it was about to grow. My heart was beating violently inside of my chest. Knowing that where we were going was powerful and deep inside. As the fire of God’s glory came I experienced waves of this great unknown. Things seemed unclear but yet the fire began to grow. First, it was the heat and then it was the flame. I quickly discovered this fire burned but it wasn’t like normal pain. I felt the shift and burning away of all these fears…Suddenly there was a boldness to see what was next and to draw near. The fire although still burning became very clear. I was able to see inside the fire, my Father in whom I loved but yet there was something special that I never had seen before. His eyes were full of fire and His heartbeat was so loud. I quickly discovered although I saw Him, we were dwelling in His heart.
The boat stopped before Him and there before me He stood with eyes full of fire…His hand was stretched out before me. I took it and stood before Him and knew that His Greatness was what caused me to feel overwhelmed.

“Come my daughter I want you to see you have been given a new place in my glory. It is a place to come and dwell and find the secrets to taking my glory to every earthly realm. Will you come and dine with me and see what I have to bring. This meal is not something that can be eaten without the sacrifice it will bring. Take some time and walk with me and you will see…When you are ready to drink this cup and eat this food that it is food that is reserved for the royal courts of the King.

Tonight as I listened to my friend Michael King on facebook call out for people to pray about this coming week with Donald Trump’s inauguration and what is happening with our nation. I suddenly realized this Journey is an invitation for His Son’s and Daughter’s to this place. I also believe this is a look at what is to come. There is going to be a lot of things happening over these next couple years in our nation and with it there is going to be a lot of shaking and relooking at even our own views. However, when we surrender to Him, I believe He is calling for a deeper standard of intimacy. Like Moses, a willingness to climb up the mountain of God and step into the cloud of unknowing.

One thing that stood out to me about Exodus 19. In verse 9, the Lord says to Moses, “I’m about to come to you in a thick cloud in order that the people will hear me talking with you so that they will always trust you.”

Have you ever listened at Night when it is dark and foggy or raining how a train whistle will carry a lot longer and yet sounds close by can be less as loud. This is something that often times happens in PA. In the same way…When this glory cloud came down over Moses…God’s voice was heard clearly by His people. In the same way, I believe God is going to separate the Truth from the Deception. His Truth will be made clear.  That He is going to change this nations’ mind and heart about things that no one but Him could change.. His voice of truth will ring clear and people will tremble but they will know that He is God and He is Good! When there is a fog on the horizon it isn’t a high shrill sound that gets through the fog for ships to communicate. It is the low sound of a fog horn. All the rest of the noises get slowed down and lost by the dense air. In the same way…Deception and lies will not stand in the midst of this cloud.

So this is the invitation. America, are you willing to let Him take you to the place where you will be shaken by His Glory. Are you willing to allow Him to remove the lies and make the truth loud and clear? This is your invitation to step into His Glory and to sit at the Royal table with the King.

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