Parade Tour

I was resting with my daughter waiting for her to fall asleep and I had a vision. I was in the streets watching this parade coming towards me. The floats were like all these big named people. Each float represented someone people looked up to or even celebrities. Some were good and some were bad. They were all going towards me. I was a little excited like a child wanting to go run and climb on them and explore, but I felt Jesus holding my hand firmly. He said “I want to show you things and explore and expose the truth but it is important you stay safe. Don’t let go of my hand!” 

As we walked we went behind these large floats. They were very prim and proper and some were made up of great beautiful elegant designs but on the back end of some darkness and sickness was hidden. Some even had people being held captive inside them and we were pulling them out. God was exposing it and revealing it. Not to tear them down but to pray and to rescue those who had gotten caught up in the darkness of some of these floats.

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