The Book of Lost Children

Traveled in the spirit today with my friend Margie Moormann. We stepped into heaven and we were in this large library in heaven with Jesus. This library was filled with so many beautiful and different books. Some were large, some were small, some were hidden, and some were unseen.
The one outside wall was completely made of glass window and outside it looked like a beautiful winter scene. Jesus took one of the books out that was medium sized and novel sized. It was called the Book of Hidden Children. As He opened the book a door opened on the wall where the windows were. It was like this door gave us access to what was written in this book. Jesus opened the book and we gathered with Him. It revealed elementary age children who were all lined up in front of a street building. All of the kids seemed confused and longing for someone to respond to them. I sensed their identity was being controlled or even hidden as they were all carrying pillows in front of their chest like they were nervous. The pillows were Emoji pillows like they were using them to try and hide their true identity and this hiding made them feel secure but yet lost.

As we saw these kids compassion filled our hearts and we felt these kids longed to be found. We ask Papa to come and reveal His heart on the matter and asked if there was anything we could do to help. He came into the room and hugged us both sweetly, His presence was overwhelming in the library and then He handed us both scrolls. Margie was handed a large cardboard box of wiggly, excited puppies. I was given fresh bread and a vessel of living water. I also felt the need to give these children motherly affection and to hug them and talk to them.

We then were handed a third scroll assigning Angels of protection over these kids as the enemy had assigned darkness to change their identities. Although we didn’t have to fight to bring Breakthrough the angels would protect them from the darkness trying to return. We went to the Courts of Angels and handed one the scroll. Many Angels stepped forward as their names were called and several came forward for our protection as well.

With Angels at our sides we entered through the door in the library and came into the street through a storefront across the street from these children. When we looked we could see clearly that these kids were a part of some kind of school and were waiting. As we approached the children we sensed their curiosity at our desire to give them attention. As I approached I was uncertain of how I was to start. For God gave us the tools and he gave us the protection but He had also given us the creativity to minister to their hearts. I decided to sit with Margie on the corner of the steps and pick up the puppies and play with them. Quickly the childrens’ attention was drawn to what was inside the box. As we sat they slowly became curious to see and talk about what was in the box. When Margie and I each picked up a puppy the kids quickly became excited. Slowly the children were all with us and we were quickly able to talk to them. I told them that we were sent to bring them gifts from above. They grew so excited as they were each given kisses from the puppy dogs. As they began to play such joy came to their faces. Each child, holding his or her very own puppy could feel and hold LIFE. That’s what Jesus wanted all of them to experience through the tools he gave Margie and me. Slowly the children were able to drop the pillows they had become so used to carrying and true joy came to each of their faces.

As they talked and kissed the puppy dogs we began to share the hope of God’s abounding love and that they were each special beyond compare. I then began to share with them about God’s living water and His bread. I gave them drinks of His water and little pieces of bread. As each child ate it was as if scales fell from their eyes for slowly life came to them and something great was happening inside. We spoke life and destiny to each little heart and as we brought them each this word we saw the book in heaven was being cleared of their lost parts. For each child was given hope that day. Their families were united with them or they were given a new family to replace was a lost or stolen. It brought hope to their hearts right away. As the bus did come forth I quickly realized this bus was not a bus for school but their families were inside. As the children united with families on the bus, we hugged each child and saw the Love of God fill each of their hearts like deep deep wells with deep deep water… Each child was followed by two large angels at their side. For we knew as the darkness fell from their very eyes, the enemy’s power over them was lost and they were protected at both sides. Life had been restored to them. They were now living in hope and their true identity.

Co-written by: Margie Moormann and MysticMama

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