Media and Communication Breakthrough Vision

Today while spending some quiet time face to face with Jesus in this amazing intimate Moment where I was standing in front of Him in and Him with me, hand in hand, face to face, floating inside a cloud of glory but completely liquid glory at the same time. As we remained in this position our eyes were fixed on each other in a complete look of deep love. I felt like I could explode with this overwhelming love I felt and tears poured down my face in this moment of hearing, feeling, seeing, knowing Our love was unquestionably stronger than anything else. In this moment, I was aware of the other brides and this experience became much great as it was something greater then me and needed to be all of us together. This was His Church. As I did I sensed not being just myself but part of something greater and as I looked around me this liquid glory became stronger and brighter and hotter and began to move and vibrate. In this moment my tears became joy and my joy became praise.  Songs came forth from us towards Jesus and Jesus brought forth songs for us individually and together. Not only did we sing but He danced for joy for us and we did for Him. In this moment, I saw us glowing so brightly and felt the love we had for each other as we were connected in ways more powerful than we understood. But in this moment it took us deeper into the authority we had as His bride. Suddenly I saw crowns of authority coming upon each of us. Mine had the heart shaped Ruby of intimacy, others had Blue sapphires of Dreams, and others pure diamonds of purity some were amethyst and Emerald…Each one was unique and beautiful but when we came together this created a mighty force that shook the heavens and the earth with their Union to Him. 

As this happened I saw this liquid glory fire expand and I heard Jesus call forth His Angels to come and go with His brides to destroy this darkness that was covering the earth. With this each of us we’re given a scroll mandate to pour out this glory in words, dance, art, and song over our areas of influence. This glory was a part of us and came forth from our intimacy. With this scroll each of us were clothed in new armor that was made from this glory that was stronger then anything we ever felt before but yet as soft and flexible as l suede.

As I took the scroll the Lord showed me the United States and the media as well as voters booths…I saw the Lord pointing out each place where the votes were counted and the words from the social networks and media came across my view like words that were alive moving from one place to another. Some words were tangled with dark cords of liquid darkness that was pulling the words apart and changing their meanings and bring deception and false reports. Other parts of this darkness influenced the minds of people as well as technology that was working incorrectly. I felt the urgency of our missions and saw many go to different places where they would pour out this liquid glory fire over there cities. In Pennsylvania I started to see the darkness of the media and parts of government. As I saw it I prepared Journey (a heavenly ship of provision and healing) with provision and found Freedom (Holy Spirit as was war horse) standing by ready. With this Jesus kissed us and He looked at me and held me gently and said, “Don’t forget to stay in union together with me and to call forth the angels assigned to you as you don’t face this alone”

I responded, “Yes, I call forth Destiny, Redemption, Mercy, and the angel armies to go ahead of us and fight with us. ”

As I said this I saw king David, Enoch, and Daniel from deep inside the courts of heaven appear before us. To each of us a different saint of old came forth. To Eva came Enoch, To others it was King David but to each were given swords and shields that were Written the promises of God. 

Then I saw Jesus rise up and say, “Go my beloved! For the kingdom of Heaven is at your Hand. No weapon formed against you shall prosper for my heart is to redeem and restore this Land. ”

I quickly boarded Journey as well and many other brides boarded many other ships. As we drew into Earth’s orbit in the Spirit we saw the words over our states (I saw PA) and the darkness that surrounded them. We quickly began to pour out our songs, art, and words of God Promises to the Lord and as we did this darkness came to attack…but His Love began to pour out over the darkness that came from the Lord and it caused the Darkness to flee over our states and their government. I felt the need to not let it hide but to destroy it and took the battle straight towards it. I heard the Holy Spirit say, “Careful let the angels go ahead and infiltrate.” So I waited as they exposed the hidden places where darkness was hiding even in churches and in cathedrals. Even in Homes, businesses, and in Groups who looked like they were for good. As the darkness was exposed it attacked unrelenting but I felt a boldness come up in me and quickly began declaring: 

“When the enemy comes, Like a flood you have risen a standard against it. I decree and declare the power of God’s perfect Love. In Jesus Name let Your Love Reign Here in PA. For God’s is the kingdom, the power, and the glory forever!”
As I said this I saw this liquid Glory fire come and destroy and burn away the darkness over the land. As this happened I saw the people being released from the cords of darkness that blinded their eyes and influenced their minds. As the darkness was destroyed the truth was opened from vaults that the enemy had hidden it and began to shine brightly over the land. As God’s glory covered the land I saw healing come and the ashes from the battle were washed away. 

As I turned I saw that Journey was waiting. I then saw angels coming from Journey and each had been given similar vessels of living water, as well as provision, redemption, and even inheritances that had been stolen by the enemy and the deception. 

I believe this vision/spirit war is something that is a call to rise now and just as this was done in the heavenlies Darkness and Deception is going to be broken off our communication, media, and our election results.

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  1. Thank you so much for your boldness in discovering the heart of Jesus and for your willingness to share the revelation He gave you with His bride. This is an important message for this time.

    Thanks again, my friend!

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    1. Thank you PM! Hearing and reading your posts have been a big encouragement to not dismiss these experiences as too much pizza or star wars! But truly God redeems and takes the hidden and reveals it is ways beyond our own understanding. It’s an exciting journey!

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  2. OH my, oh my! I’ve seen so much of this too: the bride / bride’s, the accompanying angels, the love / mandate / scroll for our own state, the crowns and robes, etc. Thank you for writing this! Yes, it is an exciting journey!

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